Coconut Cream Custard

The St. Clair Bunny


When I was a little girl, my Great Gramma made each of the kids these crocheted bunnies.  We loved them, and we took them everywhere.  We’d tie their arms and legs around us so they could ride our backs on all our adventures.  They always smiled, even when tossed into the washer covered in muck.  My Great Gramma died when I was 16.

A few months ago, my mom gave me a box of knitting things that belonged to my Grandmother.  Stuck between two magazines from the 70′s, I found this crumpled, torn, and tea stained piece of paper covered in scratchings, math problems, and designs.  It was my Great Grandmother’s musings of this crocheted bunny.  In short order, I interpreted the pattern, and now I carry on the legacy of the St Clair Bunny, making one for each child that comes into my life.  This one is for Baby Gwyn, AKA “Pook”.

Hats And Booties for Mary Carmen

I made these forever ago… and finally got them uploaded.  It’s fun to make cutey baby booties and hats.  The fringe ones turned out so cute.  If I ever do those again, I’ll add turquoise pony beads to the booties.





Spinach Crustless Quiche

Apple Blueberry Custard

Quality Control

It seems our chickens are experiencing some quality control issues.


My Baby Car

Here you see the Yaris in its wintering grounds, where it will remain undisturbed for months.



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