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Illuminati ~ Larry Burkett

Illuminati ~ Larry Burkett

it is bland; like all the other conspiracy theory pulp fiction out there, especially after reading something as divine as Geek Love. i see now that reading Dunn’s book has left me wanting… Geek Love was so rich and full, that other books fail to even come close, and feel empty and hollow.

so back to The Illuminati. based on an ancient, secret organization that achieves total world domination, world power and begins extreme measures of control and annihilation of anyone who believes different from them. the book itself is unremarkable in its style and content, and is completely predictable in its outcomes. to be fair, it is interesting in how the tools of control are so easily accepted by the American people in the book; the government slips the control methods in so slyly that it’s frightening. so that is a redeeming factor. however, that is grossly overshadowed by this extreme Christian slant to it – god this, jesus that… *that* was a bit much, for me, and i found myself rooting for evil from time to time because of the overly self righteous attitudes the heros indulged in.

anyways… read and released. not good enough for my collection.