Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

i watched ‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow’ last nite. although more entertaining than network television, it didn’t make it to my ‘sure, i’ll watch that again’ list. although the movie has some nice special effects, the dialog is velveeta cheesy, totally unrealistic and cutesy (honestly, are you going to stop and make flirtatious chit chat while standing on a precarious metal rail in a rocket zooming into space with a three second count down to the explosion of the earth??? c’mon). and to make matters worse, the ‘playful banter’ the two main characters endulge in the entire movie is actually more like irritating bickering. but whatever. the themes were overdone and the ultra bright light with the soft and fuzzy, slightly out of focus style, although good for Gwenyth’s hair, was just too much. i kept thinking, ‘parody?’, but i guess they were seriously trying to make a movie here. shame… i like Jude Law and Geovanni Ribisi, but this movie made them look ridiculous.