Robots ~ The Movie

Lila and i went and saw Robots. it’s the first time in about two years she’s been to a movie, and she was ever my little reflective learner. she was nearly overwhelmed! she grew very solemn and
silent as we walked up to the giant marquee sign and into the
cavernous and colorful entryway. she looked at all the candy for sale and video games, and was astonished at the huge, sloping seats in the theatre. she was like a little quiet sponge, her wide brown eyes looking into every corner and taking it all in. she sat in my lap, quiet and silent the whole time. i tried placing her in a seat, but i put her too far back and the thing closed on her like a little Lila clam. she did not care for it at all, and spent a fair amount of time during the ads and previews kicking the seat bottom next to us down, down, down with her feet, growing frustrated that it ouldn’t stay put like she told it to. when the movie started, she just sat there, still as stone and unresponsive to my questions and comments. i was unsure if she was having a good time, she was so quiet and pensive. it wasn’t till we were outside nearly to the car that she began to jump and exclaim, “Mommy! I saw the Robots movie! I saw it!”

the movie itself was okay… cute, loveable characters that you can’t help but root for with a well done ‘accept yourself for who you are’ theme. the movie focused more on the minute details of the adventure instead of the overall theme, which was nice. otherwise it would’ve been way overdone. it’s funny, like Sky Captian and The World of Tomorrow, the movie had this very retro 40’s artistic flair, but unlike the former, the latter made it look cool. my favorite feature of the movie is the elaborate subway system and the dominoes. the movie had its funny adult references peppered through for the grups, and Robin Williams is always fun. i enjoyed it and will buy it for Lila when it comes out, but Shrek and Shrek 2 are better.

eh, i’d see it again. : )