so it looks like Easter blew up all over the house. we had the company of friends up for a visit that weekend, so fun was had by all. Lila and Emilio, who is a few years older than her, played non stop every minute they were together. i must say, Emilio was quite patient and tolerant of Lila, who followed him around like a shadow, parroting everything he said or did. so anyways, back to Easter.

Elizabeth and i went all out on stuff for the kids. we spent a hour filling all these plastic eggs with candy and goodies, as well as supplied additional candy and toys. on Saturday night, we woke up after the kids fell asleep and hid everything all over the house. Emilio woke up very early, knowing full well that the Easter Bunny was coming. Lila, not having the same level of familiarity, slept on. finally at nine we agreed to wake her so the kids could hunt. they had a marvelous time, and we enjoyed watching them look straight at that elusive egg, but not see it. when everything was found (Elizabeth had the foresight to count the items), Emilio immediately emptied his plastic eggs, whereupon they joined my household. Lila won’t even discuss getting rid of any one plastic egg, insisting that even the broken ones stay. thus, it looks like Easter blew up in my house… everywhere there are plastic egg carcasses, their innards long since gone; there is no escaping them. everywhere your eye falls… under the drapes, in the couch cushions, peeking out from under the counters, on the bookshelves, next to the playstation, in the houseplants, hiding under the dining room table… the ones under the fridge enjoy seeking out bare feet in the middle of the night, much to my delight. add to all of that stray wisps of that damned basket grass that’s killing my vacuum and mysteriously appearing in ever increasing numbers wadded candy wrappers, and you get the full picture. it’s like we’re living in this Easter Bunny Cast Offs vortex.

the highlight of this whole Easter Bunny deal was this nifty toy i got for the kids. it has two, velcroed paddles that attach to your hands with straps, and this little, yellow bunny that you toss back and forth, using the velcro paddles to catch it. i must say that the bunny makes quite a satisfying thwock! noise when you catch it, and being that the bunny is covered in the soft side of the velcro (the loop, should you require a new vocabulary word), the bunny assumes highly entertaining positions when contacting the velcro pads. already it has provided hours of amusement in the household. we’ve also found out that it is great for providing exercise via ‘keep away’ with the cats, who *must* have the chewy, yellow bunny.

ya, it was a good holiday. : )

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