this weekend

so i went down to San Diego this past weekend to visit Eliz and attend her baby shower. i just *love* (insert sarcasm here) trying to get ready to take a trip down the 15 in this town. with the other zillion people here, it never fails to take at least a half hour for any minor event, like using the money machine. i adore wasting my gas aimlessly pimping the Wa Mu parking lot so i can race over to wait for 20 minutes while everyone and their brother do something to the ATM. Love it. And let’s not even talk about attempting to purchase gas. can you believe 2.50$ a gallon? wtf???? i sure hope the government gets off its ass and starts funding hydrogen fuel cell research, cuz getting gas really sucks right now. insert the same BS waiting with half of LA here, and then add insult to injury by raping 35$ out of your wallet just for gas. ugh. thus, add an hour to the 2 hour trip just to get cash and gas. i think i’ll start running my errands at 2 in the morning.

but with all the delays that LA provides, clear sailing down the 15 (that is, once i got past that nasty I-10 to the 60 to the 90 stretch) let me make up the time. one place where LA-ers *dont* wait is the freeways… when clear, 90 mph is acceptable velocity in these parts. *THAT* i appreciate!

a good time in SD… it was the highlight of the weekend. the downer this weekend was the obvious solution to my financial woes… i have to sell my house. i’m very upset by that – i worked hard to get the damn thing in the first place, but with the nasty 9% increase in my lot rent starting May 1st, i just can’t make it. however, this may turn out to my advantage; in one year, i gained about 20,000$ in appreciation. can you believe it???? i’m not sure what to think, yet. so now i have the dilemma of What To Do… i have choices, of course.

Option A
leave. take my $$$ and go buy property somewhere. perhaps New Mexico, or perhaps Washington, where my sister lives. part of me is torn for that… i am totally down for adventure, and a fresh start away from this rather rediculous California Rat Race has its appeal.

Option B
stay. put the cash into another property, perhaps a cheep fixer upper (i am fairly handy and not afraid of power tools) that i can then resell at a profit close to extortion within a year. a friend of mine was telling me last nite that he and his bro are planning to buy a multi-unit, and using the rent to help pay living expenses.

so i dunno what do to. i guess i’ll sell the house and see where the cards fall, so to speak, about where my future path lies.