Birth ~ The Movie

this movie eerily illustrates the deep connections we establish and the delusions we’ll believe in to make them real, and makes a chilling and haunting journey through the human psyche. Anne loses her husband, only to have him reappear 10 years later on the eve of her marriage to another man, but in the guise of a young boy. Anne questions her choice to marry, and begins falling into a horrifying delusion that she and the boy need to be together. the story weaves through her life as her choices to be with the boy causes it falls apart, and its haunting reality is a warning to all of us to be mindful of our actions. overall, the movie was a good watch; Kidman was very realistic and easily illustrated the position her character chose to be in. Cameron Bright was remarkable and utterly convincing, and never once acted like a child. the characters evoked sympathy at their plight and the background music was profound and haunting. however, it was somewhat monotonous and the long scenes focused around the actor’s morose and pensive faces got old, quick. i enjoyed it once, but won’t be adding it to my collection.

eh. : )