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Yup, you sure can apply math to everything…

this is great reading – one of our students at Sprague found this while on shift doing some research.

from The Science Creative Quarterly, issue 4 Jan-March 2006,
A Game Theoretic Approach to the Toilet Seat Problem, By Richard Harter

and who says math isn’t fun???

Baby Hats

I love this pattern –
for hats of all sorts and I regularly modify it for different projects depending on what I want. I love to use it with a D or E hook and finger weight yarn. I think it makes lovely baby hats that stay on baby and help to keep little ears warm. I made these two for recent baby gifts; the pink goes to baby Rebeckah who will be born next Wednesday, and the blue went to baby Isaiah, grandson to one of my online friends.

crochet 009_2

Heartmade Blessings Squares Off Today!

I dropped my two 12″ squares for Heartmade Blessings today. I only donated a mere 2, others, many more. So far, the total for this month’s charity challenge pledge is 507 squares pledged which equals just over 42 afghans. Pretty darn cool. : )

crochet 012

crochet 014_2

I’ve come to the conclusion that I really like working with varigated yarns. I love to see how they work up.

current WIP(s)…

my online friend told us that her DD came home pregnant, surprise! so i’ve been putting together a package of stuff for her – burp cloths and rags and the like – so i’m whipping out a baby hat for her right now. i have this pretty acrylic blue yarn from my stash and it is working up quickly. i’m using this pattern – – but with a size D hook and the finger weight yarn and minus the tangly rein-like things. i’ve done this combo before, and it results in a lovely, close fitting baby hat that needs no ties. plus, the flaps cover teeny baby ears, too.

for this month’s charity challenge, i’m making 12 inch squares for Heartmade Blessings. i’ve pledged 2, but want to make more. i’ve never made 12 inch squares before, and all i have to say is, wow! what a lot of work and what a huge square! i imagine they join up quickly, though. i started one, but was expanding on the square from PFH1 and misgauged the stitches. it didn’t turn out right so it’s out for a HMB square, but i’m going to make it into a baby afghan for Karen’s DD. one big, giant, slightly off square blankie comin’ right up!

lemme see… oh, on DH’s insistence i trotted out PFH1 (he was insinuating that the top i’m working a filet yoke for (in a size 12 steel hook, i might add) was never going to be finished). PFH = Project From Hell. anyways, this PFH is a great pattern, this glorious victorian baby granny pattern complete with teeny hook size and many, many squares. they’re not hard to make, but time intensive. plus, the yarn doesn’t play nicely with anyone. however, i recently got my first set of bamboo hooks and wonder of wonders, the bamboo G hook makes this project fly. that hook insists that the yarn play nice, and that’s great! the G blows my gauge and makes a larger square, but they join up the same so i’m sticking with it. anyways, i’ve had this one on the hook for 5 years now, so i’m trying to bust out a square a night. missed last night (needed a new headband) but i banked 3 extra squares from over the weekend. =P

other things coming down the wire… 2 housewarming gifts need to be made; i’ll make a potholder & trivet/hotpad set for each, which won’t take a bit of time. plus, another baby hat and some cute booties for a baby due in April, and it’s nearly time for the next round of swaps. guess i’d better get hookin’!

hoping everyone has a frog free day!