Heartmade Blessings Squares Off Today!

I dropped my two 12″ squares for Heartmade Blessings today. I only donated a mere 2, others, many more. So far, the total for this month’s charity challenge pledge is 507 squares pledged which equals just over 42 afghans. Pretty darn cool. : )

crochet 012

crochet 014_2

I’ve come to the conclusion that I really like working with varigated yarns. I love to see how they work up.


2 thoughts on “Heartmade Blessings Squares Off Today!

  1. Jean

    I’d like to find out about donating squares…but I can’t seem to find any new info about it. Could you help me? Thanks so much. Just to make it clear…the heartmade blessings squares. OK? Thanks so much!

    1. jezmynne Post author

      Hi, I don’t have any current info for them beyond the results of a google search. I do know they have a Facebook page. Maybe that would be a place to start? Good luck!


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