Monthly Archives: May 2006

Toy for a Tot

made this little cradle purse for a co-worker’s daughter, who turns 3 in a few weeks. i’ve made some of these for my Lila and she loves them!

i made the cradle purse and one little blankie – the little blankie is a filet style square with a heart design, which turned out cuter that i thought. i’ll have to make a few more for the CL granny square exchange and for Daniel’s ‘ghan.

i also changed the handles for the cradle purse; this family has another little one under a year, and if the 3 year old is anything like my Lila, one needs to be quite cautious about things that can be used to tie another thing up. so… instead of the drawstring handles i made quickie handles out of basic single stitches. i made them short so they wouldn’t fit around a baby’s head, and i actually like the little handles over the drawstring ties. although it doesn’t make the purse very tight, i think the little handles will be easier for little hands to grab.



what’s really right n wrong?

The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creature that cannot.

— Mark Twain

the adventures of 2 washcloths & a potholder

well now, crochet is always a learning journey, isn’t it?

a week or so ago i sat down to crochet my april/may potholder for the CL potholder exchange. as i sat looking at my basket o cotton yarn, i decided to use up some of my leftover scraps. i started a five sided potholder alternating between a flat pink and a varigated pink with a planned green border (a watermelon-y theme), but after a few rounds i decided that the work was too open, and even double sided the potholder stood a good chance of letting the user get burned. so, i decided to keep going and make a lovely washcloth out of it. turned out lovely, didn’t it?

crochet 008

so back to the drawing board… i still needed a potholder for this months’ partner. i began perusing the web, looking for fun patterns to make, and i found a neato one off of Martha’s site called the ‘happy pot holder’ i followed the pattern exactly, and, um… got another great washcloth.

crochet 009

there were a bunch of things i didn’t like about the exact pattern. for example, after each round of dc, the pattern reads to do a round of sc without increasing. i think that pulled the circle into a cone shape, at least the way i crochet it did. secondly, the potholder is only one sided, which i think is too thin, and finally, the damn thing is just too big, imho. sooo… i modified. : )

crochet 014

and i’m quite happy with this! here’s the pattern to what i did:

make 2
ch 6, join to form loop
20 dc in ring, join w/ sl st
*dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc* repeat around, join w/ sl st
*dc in next 2 dc, 2 dc in next dc* repeat around, finish off

join 2 sides with hdc in each dc around. finish off

join 2nd color in any stitch, *3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc, skip next 5 dc* repeat around, join with sl st
sl st across 3dc shell to get to the ch 2 sp
*3dc, ch2, 3dc, ch 1 in ch 2 sp* repeat around, join with a sl st and finish off

join 1st color in any ch 2 sp, *2sc in ch 2 space, sc in next 3 dc, hdc in ch 1 sp (through all rounds of shell), sc in next 3 dc* repeat around and finish off.

if you prefer, from any ch 2 sp, ch 10 to form a loop.

and voila! you now have your very own Jez modified Happy Pot Holder!