June’s Squares

I’m so behind with my posts… here’s my squares for June’s CL Granny Square exchange. : )

Below are from the first round of swaps, and the one with the interlocking rings has special significance. I married my beloved on May 13th, and I wanted to make something to commemorate the event. I’m currently making him a ‘ghan with my 6 inch squares for this swap, so it was natural for me to make a square. The red ring signifies Daniel, and the blue one signifies me. I made 2 – one for Daniel’s afghan and one for my first exchange partner after we married.


These 2 below are from the second exchange round for June, both of which are linked from Martha’s site here. They’re the Pluto square and Haze square respectively. I hate the Pluto square, btw. The pattern just didn’t make any sense, but I think I did a pretty good job of muddling right along.


Is it me, or does everyone get vertigo when viewing overhead pics of my squares??? *lol*

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