Monthly Archives: July 2006

The Sweetness of Mommy-Hood

My sweet Lila… she brought this home a few days ago, and isn’t it the cutest? Teacher asked, and wrote Lila’s responses.


Awww… It’s so sweet to see how my little creature is becoming her own person and I love these little insights into how she thinks. The answer “Mommy is special because… she is.” that is so classic of Lila. She will say ‘because’ or ‘it is’ if she lacks the vocabulary or abstract thought to answer, and sometimes I think if she really doesn’t understand the question. ‘Special’ is pretty abstract for a five year old, I think, so it make sense. And I adore that she is impessed that I know about her birthday. After 2 weeks late and 5 days of prodromal labor, who could forget??? *lol*

She’s such a sweet thing. She loves to play ‘mailman.’ She’ll work at making a card or a picture, and will fold another paper around it, tape it, and deliver it to us, or her teachers. Last week, she asked for a new swimsuit, and I told her we didn’t have enough money to go shopping right now and she had to wait. She came back a half hour later with little circles and rectangles cut out and colored and said, “Here Mommy, here’s some money. Let’s go shopping!”

Those New Hummer Commercials…

seen ’em? ugh. i’ve never really formed an opinion about the whole Hummer thing… to each their own, i say. but the new commercials are just over the top and have completely altered my view on anyone who drives a Hummer.

Commercial #1 –

Mommy and Jake are on the playground. Mommy and Jake are waiting in line at the slide, and another Mommy and son take cuts. Mommy says, “Jake was next.” to which Other Mommy replies, “Well now we’re next.” Mommy keeps her mouth shut and stands by meekly while Other Mommy and child enjoys the slide. Mommy then grabs Jake, rushes to the nearest Hummer dealership, buys the silly thing slamming the pen down on the desk and drives off to the slogan, “Get your girl on.”

k, let’s review. if you’re a pushover and you fail to stand up for yourself and your kid, you make yourself feel better with frivolous purchases and you drive a Hummer. ooooh, makes me want to go right out and buy one.

Commercial #2 –

Man #1 is at the grocery store purchasing healthy foods such as tofu and veggies. he sees Man #2 line up behind him, dumping the contents of a small butcher shop onto the conveyor belt. interesting to note that the meat was all unpackaged. Man #1 eyes the meat longingly while Man #2 eyes the tofu and veggies with equal suspicion. Man #1, obviously married to Mommy above, leaves the store and rushes to purchase a Hummer and drives off to the slogan, “Restore your manhood.” wait, i’m confused. i thought that was what Viagra was for???

k, let’s review. if you make healthy eating choices and have very low self esteem about such healthy eating choices you are less of a man and require something to ‘restore your manhood.’ we can now deduce that any man who drives a Hummer eats healthy but feels badly for it, plus he lacks the critical thinking skills that would allow him to formulate a balanced meal of veggies and a burger. right.

so, overall, Hummer is loudly proclaiming that people who fail to stand up for themselves and have low self esteem should drive their vehicles. great. just what we need – overzealous, passive agressive personalities running loose on our roads feeling better about themselves by bullying everyone else in an obese, dangerous, commodity guzzling vehicle. boy, if i owned a Hummer and saw those commercials I’d be pissed.

What i’ve learned –

see an aggressive Hummer driver? offer them cuts or red meat and you’ll be a okay.

Learing To Be A Leftie, or, Establishing Communication With the ‘Other’ Hand

~sigh~ i have owie boo boo on my right hand. apparently, what i thought was carpal tunnel is actually damaged tendons in my thumb. saw the doc yesterday, and i’m under orders to keep the thumb immobile while it heals. that’s all fine n good… except my left arm seems to be a little, well… let’s be gentle… sluggish in responding to my suggested activities. and it tires easily. i guess it enjoyed the good life as a support arm, letting the right one do all the work, but no more. now it must scrub the bathroom counter, which is actually quite tiring. i wonder if my left triceps will lose their second wave from all this? seems possible.

the worst part about this is that i cannot crochet. at all. and that is the traumatic part. tv is sooo boring; i had no idea! and movies just take too long, sitting there paying attention and doing nothing. but the good part is that i’ve been reading more; both last night and today i’ve picked up books because A – i can’t crochet so tv and movies have lost their appeal, and B – i can’t play video games. right now i’m settling in with Innumeracy by John Allen Paulos. it’s turning out to be a fun little read.

Things I Cannot Do With My Left Hand

  1. thread the spray nozzle on the garden hose.
  2. bathe my kid. apparently my left hand has great difficulty keeping shampoo on Lila Approved Surfaces (and let us not talk about Rinsing With The Cup). much squalling results in bathing attempts these days.
  3. use a knife. my apologies again to the table next to us at Brandon’s Diner. i honestly did not mean to fling burrito at you.
  4. use the left/right handed learning scissors i got for Lila.
  5. pour.
  6. brush my teeth. worst. thing. ever. .