Learing To Be A Leftie, or, Establishing Communication With the ‘Other’ Hand

~sigh~ i have owie boo boo on my right hand. apparently, what i thought was carpal tunnel is actually damaged tendons in my thumb. saw the doc yesterday, and i’m under orders to keep the thumb immobile while it heals. that’s all fine n good… except my left arm seems to be a little, well… let’s be gentle… sluggish in responding to my suggested activities. and it tires easily. i guess it enjoyed the good life as a support arm, letting the right one do all the work, but no more. now it must scrub the bathroom counter, which is actually quite tiring. i wonder if my left triceps will lose their second wave from all this? seems possible.

the worst part about this is that i cannot crochet. at all. and that is the traumatic part. tv is sooo boring; i had no idea! and movies just take too long, sitting there paying attention and doing nothing. but the good part is that i’ve been reading more; both last night and today i’ve picked up books because A – i can’t crochet so tv and movies have lost their appeal, and B – i can’t play video games. right now i’m settling in with Innumeracy by John Allen Paulos. it’s turning out to be a fun little read.

Things I Cannot Do With My Left Hand

  1. thread the spray nozzle on the garden hose.
  2. bathe my kid. apparently my left hand has great difficulty keeping shampoo on Lila Approved Surfaces (and let us not talk about Rinsing With The Cup). much squalling results in bathing attempts these days.
  3. use a knife. my apologies again to the table next to us at Brandon’s Diner. i honestly did not mean to fling burrito at you.
  4. use the left/right handed learning scissors i got for Lila.
  5. pour.
  6. brush my teeth. worst. thing. ever. .

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