The Sweetness of Mommy-Hood

My sweet Lila… she brought this home a few days ago, and isn’t it the cutest? Teacher asked, and wrote Lila’s responses.


Awww… It’s so sweet to see how my little creature is becoming her own person and I love these little insights into how she thinks. The answer “Mommy is special because… she is.” that is so classic of Lila. She will say ‘because’ or ‘it is’ if she lacks the vocabulary or abstract thought to answer, and sometimes I think if she really doesn’t understand the question. ‘Special’ is pretty abstract for a five year old, I think, so it make sense. And I adore that she is impessed that I know about her birthday. After 2 weeks late and 5 days of prodromal labor, who could forget??? *lol*

She’s such a sweet thing. She loves to play ‘mailman.’ She’ll work at making a card or a picture, and will fold another paper around it, tape it, and deliver it to us, or her teachers. Last week, she asked for a new swimsuit, and I told her we didn’t have enough money to go shopping right now and she had to wait. She came back a half hour later with little circles and rectangles cut out and colored and said, “Here Mommy, here’s some money. Let’s go shopping!”


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