Bye Bye, My Beloved Tee Tee

My heart is breaking… my beloved Tee Tee, my kitty of 10 years, died yesterday. She became ill about a month ago, and with little money to spend on labs and whatnot, we only had the option to make her comfortable until the time came for her to go. Yesterday, I planned to take her to the vet, but the sneeky little girl got out and hid under the stairs. I couldn’t, no matter what the bribe, get her to emerge, so I had to wait until Daniel came home. He had to completely tear the stairs apart in order for me to get her out. When I did, I saw that she was unable to stand, her legs twitching and reaching out. She cried and cried, and choked on the water I tried to give her through a syringe. It was time; my Tee Tee was suffering. I took her in, and held her in my arms, stroking her, telling her she was a good kitty and that we loved her, until the vet gave her the medicine to take her into the next world. I will miss my Tee Tee.

I first got my Tee Tee in 1996 as a companion kitty for my Baby Ivan kitty. I got her from a shelter; she was one of several feral animals taken from a rural part of New Mexico. The shelter said that even though she was four months old, it was unlikely that she would adjust to domesticated life, and that if she remained wild I could bring her back. However, I was drawn to her, as she was an exact replica of a kitty my Grandparents had when I was a young girl. I named her Tycee, after that kitty my Grandparents had. She was a wild thing, and it took about a year for her to emerge from under the furniture, but when she did, she was the best kitty anyone could have. She was ferocious as a hunter! She killed prairie dogs that got into our back yard. In an apartment building infested with mice, we never had one. Only mice parts did we find. She kept any animal that didn’t live with us out of the yard; it was *her* territory! She ran the household and kept every other animal we had in line. She was a good kitty.

When I had my daughter, Lila, Tycee became like a second Mommy, meowing and pawing at me when Lila cried. She watched over Lila, and was so good to her. In all the ear and hair pulling, tail yanking and rough hugging and child play, Tycee never once scratched Lila. She was patient and gentle and kind. Pointing to Tycee, “Tee Tee” was Lila’s first word, and so Tee Tee she became.

I love my Tee Tee. She was my companion for 10 years, the cat no one thought would easily adjust to domesticated life. But she did; she was a survivor, strong and tough and always there to watch over the house, my daughter and myself. I love you still, my Tee Tee. I miss you so.


One thought on “Bye Bye, My Beloved Tee Tee

  1. Candace

    I remember her as always welcoming and interested in a good lap to sit in. Very soft and comforting to stroke. Patient. I will miss you as well Tee Tee.


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