Granny Squares Nanny Squares


checked out Granny Squares Nanny Squares from the Alameda County Library through the shared borrowing we have at work, and it’s a keeper!

although the book’s title claims, “New Twists for Classic Crochet,” I didn’t find the patterns to be that innnovative and new. not to say that they weren’t good, mind you, i just didn’t find them different enough to consider them new twists. however, the book does feature quite a few nice patterns that are reminicient of days of old, and i found myself picking up yarn and hook to stitch a pattern or two here and there. beware, though, by and large these patterns are not for the faint of heart! they are detailed and tend to be a bit on the complicated side, but if you like a good challenge, dig in. of the few things i stitched and the many i studied, the patterns in this book work up nicely.

in addition to the lovely patterns, the book has detailed, crisp and clear photographs, diagrams and images, and the large text is easy to read. although a strong attention to detail is suggested, as long as you follow stitch by stitch you will be able to create these patterns. they are well described in the items i stitched up.

this is a lovely book and contains old tyme patterns featured in today’s modern example of a well printed book. if you like old fashioned patterns, definitely add this book to your collection!


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