Monthly Archives: October 2006

Anna’s Knot Doily

I really like Anna, and I do believe that if we lived closer we’d be joined at the hip. So, I wanted to make her something special for the next puffy that goes off her way. So, I found this.

Picture 2.jpg

We’re both Witches, and the Celtic knotwork in the center is significant to us in that it illustrates how all life is interconnected. There is no end, no beginning, everything is one cycle and interwoven.

The doily is the Double Triquetra Square from Crochet with Bits and Pieces. It was pretty easy to make, once I figured out the whole cord making thingie.


Anna’s October Squares

I got Anna U again on my Happy Hookers group for the granny square and sampler square exchange. Here’s my squares. : ) For the sampler I did the bridge stitch from the Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs. It’s alright… I found the stitch easy to do but frustrating because if flops around a lot and is kinda big. It would probably look better in thread, and I think I’ll monkey around with it and use doubles instead of trebles to see how it looks. The square is the French Square from The Crochet Stitch Bible. It was a fun square to make, and I made a few for the ‘Dafghan’ (Daniel’s ‘ghan), too. For Anna’s, I added 2 rows of dc in order to get it 7 inches to match the sampler square.


My Scarf for Breast Cancer Awareness

I finished my scarf for the Breast Cancer Awareness drive that they’re doing at work. I wanted to do 2, but ended up only doing one. Gramma came to visit, and we had other company, too, so we were pretty stacked up. Plus, I decided that I wanted to make something special for my swap partner I have for this go-around on Happy Hookers. I have Anna again, and she and I are so alike that I am convinced we’d be joined at the hip if we lived closer. So… i’m working on a special goodie for her.

but i digress… here’s my scarf. : ) I did the blue star square pattern from Granny Squares, Nanny Squares, which works up quick and is fun to make. I do modify it by taking a total of 8 stitches out of round one as i find it fits better.