New Coat!

We’re going to Salt Lake City to visit the family this year – everyone from Mom, Dad, StepMom, StepDad, Gramma, Siblings, Cousins, congregates in one place the week after Xmas to hang out. This year, Mom’s hosting, and I’m excited to go! I haven’t seen the fam in ages. Plus, this will be Daniel’s first trip to Salt Lake, which is actually a pretty cool little city. Added bonus – they have Cracker Barrel; a luxury not found in California!!! In planning for the trip, I realized that ‘winter’ in California has not left us with much warm clothing for a place that has real winter. So, I dug around in my long neglected sewing stash, found some fleece, a pattern, thread, and decided I needed a warm coat.

It was a super easy pattern and I made the entire thing on Sunday. It’s huge, far bulkier than I expected, but hey, it’s damn warm!!! I also used the decorative stitching thingie on my machine to topstitch something fancy to match the buttons, too. That took forever and made my feet hurt (I prefer to sew standing up at a counter).

I hate nylon lining (cold on bare arms) so I dug around in my old diaper makin’ stash and found some nice cream colored microfleece, which I used to line the coat with. I’m certain the microfleece is what makes the coat so bulky, but wow, it’s super warm and extremely soft!

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my new coat. It’s incredibly warm and soft, very roomy with huge pockets, and looks decent. Now to crochet up some hats n scarves…

2 thoughts on “New Coat!

  1. Linda

    Great looking coat! I’m impressed that you made this in one day. Looking forward to seeing you next week! Love you, Mom


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