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Secret Pal Stuff

sent off my first puffy for this go-around of Secret Crochet Pals. my pal knows who I am, so I’m posting these pics as I’m pretty durned proud of how these projects turned out.

First, the bookmark

i made this using one of my favorite motifs, which I’ve used with thread, yarn, embroidery floss, ribbon… you name it. it’s a great motif for any project; join them for scarves, ponchos, shawls, skirts, blankets, or use them on their own as a decorative piece.


the pattern is as follows:

ch 6, form ring
sc, ch3, sc 12 times, 12 loops made
sc. ch3, sc 12 times, 12 loops made
sc, ch6, sc, ch3 12 times, 12 loops made, 6 large 6 small
sc in ch3 loop, 6 dc ch2 6 dc in ch 6 loop around, 6 petals made

if you join the motifs, simply interlock the motifs at the ch 2 space between the dc stitches.

The Hook Holder

omg, I am sooo impressed with myself here! I love this thing and plan to make one myself. I used a steel hook size 00 and size 10 thread.

hook2 hook1

this is a simple pattern, too.

ch 4, form ring
10 sc in ring
2 sc in each sc, 20 sc
sc in sc, 2 sc in sc, 30 sc
do not join
build spiral style in hdc until pouch is the length you desire
for the flap, hdc across halfway, turn
hdc across, turn
hdc dec, hdc, hdc dec in last 2 stitches, turn, repeat until triangular flap is made, fasten off

for edging, join w/ sl st at the edge of the flap
sc, ch 3, sc to tip
sc, ch sc in tip
sc, ch sc to end (matching the loops you created on the other side. make sure it’s an even number), turn
sc, hdc, dc, picot, dc, hdc, sc in loop
sc in next loop
repeat, placing sc, hdc, dc, picot, dc, hdc, sc in loop on tip
sew on a button and you’re done!

The Universe Does Not Want Me To Work Out

sigh… like most Americans, I am not active enough. my 2 primary hobbies, the Internet and crochet, do not lead to much strenuous activity, to say the least, so I go to the gym here at HMC before work in the mornings. today was our first Monday back, and, uh, yeah.

so i get there a little late but still with enough time for a good workout, and as I stand there in the shower, soaped up, I realize i’ve forgotten my towel. you’d think I’d’ve learned from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy to always have my towel with me, but today you get to call me Arthur Dent.

So thinking fast and on the fly, I decide I can use my gym shirt (which is pretty large to hide my extra poundage due to my mouse potato lifestyle) to dry off. thus, I resume my leisurely soaping and rinsing, having a gay ole time in the warm water.

However… when I’m done showering I shut off the water and think to myself, “Gee, the floor looks unusually shiny.” see, I do not see so well without my glasses on, and I neglect to realize till I’ve turned the water off that the little non skid rubber mat is conveniently covering the drain hole, and although it has little holes itself, without sufficent drainage a lovely little lake is created. where my stuff is. a lake. of water. wet water. yes, do let your imagination run wild at this point. ~sigh~ thankfully I’ve left my clothes on a bench, but everything else, bag, shoes, socks, and yes, my emergency ‘towel’ AKA gym shirt, is sopping wet. made for an interesting attempt at getting ready for work.

needless to say, it’s another manic Monday morning and I’m wishing it were a Sunday. at least today I dont have any appointments or classes to teach, like the day last week when I spilled gas all over my pants and had to teach 2 classes, meet with a math faculty member and volunteer at my kid’s school before being able to sneek home to change.

well, they do say life is an adventure, not a guided tour… *lol*

Catchin’ Up

been busy… work was crazy with stuff after xmas break, and then i’ve had a pretty nasty cold distrubuted by some beloved member of the household. but, today is a rare luxury – Lila is with the Luceros and Daniel is working. yup, i have a day of quiet all to myself. : ) and Daniel was soooo quiet this morning, i slept till 10. wow!

so i’m tired of Pogo for the time being and relatively caught up on my crochet and email, so i think i’ll catch up on post i’ve been meaning to do.

of course i crocheted gifts for the family. : ) I made Gramma a nice lap ‘ghan/shawl out of Bernat’s Galaxy, in Saturn. It was hateful yarn to crochet with as it got all tangled up in its gobs of fiber that makes it nubby boulce. but, the shawl turned out pretty nice and very warm.

I made a plain hat n scarf set for my Dad out of TCL Amore in Navy, and a doily for Mom. I was just kinda messing around with pineapples, and the doily started to bowl, so I ran with it. it would be perfect for holding potpouri or under a bowl or vase, and i think it turned out pretty cool.

we also took a marvelous trip to Salt Lake to visit with the fam; everyone was there as Gramma, Dad, and StepMom drove up from Albuquerque. it’s cold there and Lila needed a hat and scarf. I whipped one up in record time on xmas day out of Moda Dea Wild in Hot Tamale and Aunt Lydia’s size 10 cotton in Red. It’s a very interesting combination and made for a sturdy, warm, and heavy combination. We’ve already lost the hat (dammit!), but i’m hoping it will turn up at Mom’s somewhere. Turned out really cute, though, and Lila was so excited to open it.

we all had a great time hanging out with the fam and Lila really came out of her shell. : )



Fun Fur – Not!

K, so I’m a laggart at this Fun Fur stuff. So I decided to make a purse for my Secret Crochet Pal in her favorite color, and edge it in fun fur, just to try it out. It does look fun, huh? The purse is okay… I made the body a shell pattern and lined it with this cool purple and black paisley pattern, which went along quite nicely, but I definitely have to say that fun fur is, um, Un Fun Fur. I had no problem finding the stitches and keeping the actual cord on the hook, but I found that the junk had a tendency to tangle in itself, making it hard to pull up loops. And let’s not talk about the whole ‘weaving in ends’ business.

Oh, and see that glob of fun fur down on the purse’s corner? That was my attempt to make a flower. Fun fur apparently doesn’t care if you sc, dc, hdc, or trc, it all looks like one gianormous, tangled lump.


will I give up on fun fur? probably not. it does *look* fun. but i’ll probably couple it with thread or yarn next time. Lila needs a hat. a fun hat…

Slippers for Wendy

I dont normally do New Year Resolutions, falling into the school of thought that self improvement should occur year round, not just once. But this year, I did make one – to finish up my abandoned WIPs. I’ve oodles of them… afghans, tops, shawls, doilies, motifs, you name it, all cluttering up my stash and WIPs basket. Off to a good start; on our drive to Salt Lake I finished these slippers I started like, 2 years ago. I gave them to my good friend, Wendy, who not only loaned me her excellent camera for our trip but also fed my kitties.

I used some Jiffy yarn for these; I made the soles years ago, and didnt like the way the tops worked up, so I frogged and left them in a bag at the bottom of my WIPs basket. I just did rows of dc decreasing along the toe line, finished with a row of sc, and then ran a length of ch stitches for a tie. They turned out cute!