Slippers for Wendy

I dont normally do New Year Resolutions, falling into the school of thought that self improvement should occur year round, not just once. But this year, I did make one – to finish up my abandoned WIPs. I’ve oodles of them… afghans, tops, shawls, doilies, motifs, you name it, all cluttering up my stash and WIPs basket. Off to a good start; on our drive to Salt Lake I finished these slippers I started like, 2 years ago. I gave them to my good friend, Wendy, who not only loaned me her excellent camera for our trip but also fed my kitties.

I used some Jiffy yarn for these; I made the soles years ago, and didnt like the way the tops worked up, so I frogged and left them in a bag at the bottom of my WIPs basket. I just did rows of dc decreasing along the toe line, finished with a row of sc, and then ran a length of ch stitches for a tie. They turned out cute!


2 thoughts on “Slippers for Wendy

  1. Tracy Schlottman

    I just found your site thru a friend of yours online with hepc support group. I love to knit & crochet, but am just learning some new things. I really enjoy seeing your things you’ve made. I’m just now learning to knit house slippers. (i have hepc & am home-bound right now) Thanks, Tracy


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