Fun Fur – Not!

K, so I’m a laggart at this Fun Fur stuff. So I decided to make a purse for my Secret Crochet Pal in her favorite color, and edge it in fun fur, just to try it out. It does look fun, huh? The purse is okay… I made the body a shell pattern and lined it with this cool purple and black paisley pattern, which went along quite nicely, but I definitely have to say that fun fur is, um, Un Fun Fur. I had no problem finding the stitches and keeping the actual cord on the hook, but I found that the junk had a tendency to tangle in itself, making it hard to pull up loops. And let’s not talk about the whole ‘weaving in ends’ business.

Oh, and see that glob of fun fur down on the purse’s corner? That was my attempt to make a flower. Fun fur apparently doesn’t care if you sc, dc, hdc, or trc, it all looks like one gianormous, tangled lump.


will I give up on fun fur? probably not. it does *look* fun. but i’ll probably couple it with thread or yarn next time. Lila needs a hat. a fun hat…

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