The Universe Does Not Want Me To Work Out

sigh… like most Americans, I am not active enough. my 2 primary hobbies, the Internet and crochet, do not lead to much strenuous activity, to say the least, so I go to the gym here at HMC before work in the mornings. today was our first Monday back, and, uh, yeah.

so i get there a little late but still with enough time for a good workout, and as I stand there in the shower, soaped up, I realize i’ve forgotten my towel. you’d think I’d’ve learned from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy to always have my towel with me, but today you get to call me Arthur Dent.

So thinking fast and on the fly, I decide I can use my gym shirt (which is pretty large to hide my extra poundage due to my mouse potato lifestyle) to dry off. thus, I resume my leisurely soaping and rinsing, having a gay ole time in the warm water.

However… when I’m done showering I shut off the water and think to myself, “Gee, the floor looks unusually shiny.” see, I do not see so well without my glasses on, and I neglect to realize till I’ve turned the water off that the little non skid rubber mat is conveniently covering the drain hole, and although it has little holes itself, without sufficent drainage a lovely little lake is created. where my stuff is. a lake. of water. wet water. yes, do let your imagination run wild at this point. ~sigh~ thankfully I’ve left my clothes on a bench, but everything else, bag, shoes, socks, and yes, my emergency ‘towel’ AKA gym shirt, is sopping wet. made for an interesting attempt at getting ready for work.

needless to say, it’s another manic Monday morning and I’m wishing it were a Sunday. at least today I dont have any appointments or classes to teach, like the day last week when I spilled gas all over my pants and had to teach 2 classes, meet with a math faculty member and volunteer at my kid’s school before being able to sneek home to change.

well, they do say life is an adventure, not a guided tour… *lol*

1 thought on “The Universe Does Not Want Me To Work Out

  1. Jen

    Can’t beleive you forgot a towel. And I love Lady Chatterleys Lover. Read it bout 5 years ago. Good read! take care. Peace~Jen


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