The Enchanted Unicorn

DH and I went out to do our taxes at the same place his company does their payroll and whatnot, and of course I took some 6″ squares to work on for the CL Granny Square Exchange. While I was there, our tax lady (who was awesome, by the way!) suggested I go by this place called The Enchanted Unicorn, which was nearby. For some unknown reason, DH said he’d subject himself to yarn shopping (maybe he hit his head that morning? Had a fever? Either way I was tempted to ask him, “Who are you, and what have you done with Daniel?” However I shut my yap as I can recognize an opportunity when I see one!) Anyways, back to our story about The Enchanted Unicorn.

It was a neat store full of exquisite fibers from cottons to wools to silk with everything in between. I saw for the first time in my life a Chibi needle, which everyone raves about on CL, I saw a swift and winder, which was cool (I still wind hanks as Gramma taught me – over 2 chairs and by hand), I saw a gianormous needle for broomstick lace and learned a little more about hairpin lace, which I am on fire to learn. I handled tons of lovely yarn, so soft, with bright colors, and I browsed their magazines and pattern books.

However….. and this is a BIG however, one lady kept following me around the store bugging me to learn to knit. I explained to her that I was an accomplished crocheter of 29 years and very dedicated to my handiwork, and that I’d even learned to knit but didnt like it at all. I explained that I have a healthy respect for knitters but that I was thoroughly dedicated to my art of crochet. The result? She continued to follow me around the store, telling me that I should reconsider and take knitting classes and that she would teach me properly. No matter how many times I said, ‘No’ to this woman, she would not let up. I was thoroughly miffed! I felt like my talent as a crocheter was not encouraged nor welcomed at the Enchanted Unicorn.

Boo!!! Hiss!!! Although that store was jam packed with stuff I truly want to acquire, I’ll not go back. Not till I get an apology (yes, I emailed them from their website) and a promise that I could shop there, without harassment, as a crocheter.

: (

1 thought on “The Enchanted Unicorn

  1. Carole Fitzgerald

    Good for you— standing up to that lady was a great thing to do. Many knitters seem to have a problem understanding that crochet is an art form -not just a craft. I learned to knit first, but prefer to crochet, and have run into knitters who think that they are better than I because of their preference- hah! Next time I meet one, I plan of bugging them to take a crochet class from me.


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