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Pouch for Me

Made this little thing over the weekend. I originally was going to put my gum and lipbalm in it, but decided it was a great little pouch for storing my ipod goodies. I used this lovely eyelash yarn I got from one of my Secret Crochet Pals and a strand of dark blue size 5 thread to make it easier to work with. I really like how the colors striped up.

Cool, huh?

Glove Purse

This is the Glove Purse from Old-Time Crochet Made Easy. Originally, this little purse was made with a size 50 thread and was teeny enough to tuck into a glove to hold ‘Mad Money’ in case you needed to find alternate transportation home from a date. The pattern in the book calls for size 10 thread and a size 7 hook, but I used a size 5 thread and a B hook, planning to use it for all the change and loose dollar bills that end up floating around in my purse. I also put a snap on the purse instead of the ball and chain closure, which attaches to the flap and runs through the center of the first rounds. I figured the ball and chain would drive me nuts, so snap it became. I’m really pleased with how this one turned out. : )


Old-Time Crochet Made Easy

Old-Time Crochet Made Easy


This is a fabulous book, containing 74 patterns ranging from doilies to afghans to wearables and household items. The pattern instructions are clear and easy to follow, the items, especially the doilies, are beautiful and work up quickly and nicely. Some of the wearables are not very practical, but there are a few patterns for shawls that I’d consider making. Lots of filet patterns, which have clear graphs to follow. I love the potholder and other kitchen patterns, and some of the little misc patterns are neat. Pretty much everything in this book is delicate, lacy, and has a vintage flair. Thread is the emphasis, so if you’re a threadie, definintely check this item out. It runs really cheap used on Amazon and, so I recommend it for anyone’s library.


Made this purse a few weeks ago… just now getting around to taking a pic of it. I originally made it for this year’s summer drawing for my handbag swap, but before I was halfway done I knew I was gonna want it for my own. So… it’s mine, mine I say! *lol*


I used some lovely tan Chenille Thick n Quick that Carole sent to me for Secret Crochet Pals, and my new Vermont Woodworks Rosewood G hook. I chained the width I wanted the purse, hdc across one loop of the chain, hdc across the second loop, and then built spiral style till I got the length desired. Then a flap, then the strap, then a fancy pants button.

Pretty sweet, eh?

Pouch for Leslie

Every month (except November and December) CL does a 24 Crochet A Thon (CAT), where we chat on IRC for 24 straight hours about all kinds of crochet and non crochet things. Each hour someone wins a CAT PAC of a few crochet related goodies. This month’s CAT PAC theme was crochet aids, and who doesnt need a cool pouch for hooks or something else? So I made up a small, quickie pouch for Leslie.


I did my typcial pouch pattern,

ch 4 form ring
hdc 10 in ring
hdc 2 in each stitch
hdc spiral style till desired length
hdc halfway across, turn
hdc across, turn
dec, hdc across to last 2 stitches, dec, repeat till point reached, creating a triangular flap, end off
join at edge of flap, sk stitch, shell, sc, shell, repeat to point, create a chain loop to fit chosen button, repeat on opposite side, end off
sew on a button, and you’re good to go!