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Oh, wow!!!!!!! So this is my cousin-in-law, Beth’s, etsy site. She goes by Spindelicious, and omg, take one look at her yarn and you’ll see why!

I am so very impressed! Her yarn looks so yummy… bright colors, and it all looks so soft.

And check out her blog, here

Wow, I had NO idea that my dear cousin Will married such a remarkable, creative lady! Check out her mosaic on her blog… i am ever so impressed, and totally humbled.

And she’s part of my family!!!!! Whoo Hoo!

Grandma’s Doily

Recently we celebrated my Gramma’s 90th birthday with a huge bash. I didnt get a card… bad granddaughter, but I did whip up this cute little doily for her. She’s tickled, and placed it on her vanity under a folding picture frame.

The pattern is from 99 Little Doilies, and instead of using a size 10 thread and a 7 hook, I used a size 3 thread and a size 1 hook.


Sewing Thread

So recently I was inspired to try my hand at crocheting with sewing thread. My goodest buddy, Tina of Secret Crochet Pals, made the neatest little doily out of this rainbow varigated sewing thread. So, I thought, “oooh, that’s neat and I want to try!”

So I chose a large, 15 round, 13″ pattern that called for a size 10 thread and a size 7 hook. Since the theme on CLDX, which is what these doilies were for, was fall colors, I dug around and found three shades of orange/brown for my experiment. I chose a size 9 hook.

I really, really love how it turned out, but it’s way smaller than I expected! I figured I’d be close to 8″, no…. it was a little over 4″ (but sure makes a cute little coaster!). I love the texture of the sewing thread, and the unusual color scheme that the three related hues created. I love how it lies flat on it’s own, yet remains soft. I hate how the pesky, silly little threads would slip off the hook, which made crocheting this take longer than normal and border on the “I’m about to throw you against the wall” level of frustration. Will I do this again? Absolutely! But I think i’ll use 6 strands of thread instead of 3, and a larger hook. : )


And since the requirements for this swap is 1 8″ doily or 2 4″ coasters, I whipped this cutie up, too.


Yea, I exist

Finally got a new battery for my camera… so the pics will start coming in again.

been quite busy with work, lately. working on several projects, a few articles here and there, and a conference presentation. i’m really excited about the conference presentation (no kidding!) although it is a lot of work, but because this is one place where i’m an innovator. see, we have this content management system called Sakai here at work, and not only have i created lots of library handouts n stuff in there, but i’ve been teaching it and using it as a networking tool with my faculty and staff. it’s been fun… but keeping me out of trouble, and out of fun.

i’ve also been lucky enough to get involved with the teaching and learning writing initiative here, and boy, that has been, and will continue to be, a real eye opener! it’s all about creating writing in courses as a learning tool, and i am getting a lot of ideas on how to incorporate writing into my own library sessions, but more than anything this set of workshops will impact my own ability to write. i’m looking forward to implementing some of the things i’ve learned in my next set of writing. we’re basing our sessions around Engaging Ideas by John Bean, which is a great read and full of some neat ideas. this whole writing workshop is inspiring me to write more, in general, so i gather this will mean i’ll be extrapolating here more often, peppering my little bloggy woggy with text in addition to pics of crochet stuffs.

heading off home here in a few days… cant wait! I miss civilized food and i’m eager for breakfast burritos at Millies and the Frontier (my once fav hangout), some Cracker Barrel (a luxury we do without out here. someone please explain that to me, cuz i dont get it), and hanging with the fam. My sis is coming down, of course Dad n Stepmom will be around, and so will my Gramma! it’s actually all in honor of her – she’s turning 90 next week, and we’re all surprising her with a visit! I assume it’s safe to write about that here, as I’m sure Gramma doesnt ever look at my blog. : )

Today is Yarn Lunch… Ruth and I will hang out in the dining hall and encourage our students to come craft with us. It’s chilly today… good day for a snuggly jacket and some yarn to crochet on. Working on a doily right now; size 3 thread and a size 1 steel hook. fun combo.

k, nuff for now. should go put $$$ on my card so I can eat, which I very much want to do right now.

oh, and since this is Random Ramblings of a Crocheting Librarian… here’s some bookmarks I’ve made for an upcoming craft fair. Just to keep it on topic. : )