Lacy Swing Top

Ah, the tale of a Yarn finding its perfect Pattern….

well over a year ago I got this fabulous rayon viscose yarn off freecycle. I really love the blue-green, red, silver, dark blue and gold fiber, but I wasnt quite sure what to do with it… so it sat around with a bar of Zum soap for smelly yummyness and waited.

Then, I got my August 2007 issue of Crochet Today, and i *knew* the Lacy Swing Top pattern was made for that yarn!

I did make a few adjustments – I decreased on each side of the center square as I thought that it had a wee too much of swing. and since I made the panels a bit more square with the decreases on both sides, I lowered the join to where it was just above the points of the squares. I think it turned out nice! And i do get scads and scads of compliments on it!!!


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