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An Indication That The Child Is Feeling Better

Mommy leaves the room

Child begins to jump on her mini trampoline

Mommy returns

“What? There is no jumping on the trampoline! Sick children do not jump on the trampoline! Sick children lie quietly on the couch under blankets, drinking fluids and letting their little bodies rest and recover from their colds! You have a fever. Where are your socks? It’s too cold for no socks! Locate your socks! Return to the couch! This is not a Fun Day, this is a Sick Day!”

Child stamps, flails limbs about and wails

“You never let me have any fun!!!!”

Child finds socks and returns to the couch, pulling its knees up to its chest, crossing its arms, protruding its lower lip from its face, and glowers at Mommy

Yea, she’ll be just fine : )

Fish 0.5

So Y’all have met Norman, right? The betta fish that sits on my desk? Well, I have a story for you. First off, I love IT people. I really do. I think they’re so cool and I wouldnt want to work with anyone else.

Norman comes home with me on our breaks. The library is closed for 2 weeks around xmas, so Norman has to come home, as I’m not going to drop into work just to feed him. He comes home and sits on the entertainment center with all the other fishies.

So I’m transporting Norman, in what I have that best fits the job, a plastic peanut butter jar. Norman is dismayed, i’m sure, but I have this meeting before we can go home, so he’s there, in the jar, swimming around next to my laptop as i write the agenda for the meeting on the board. Our webmaster comes in.

We make small talk about vacations and work and time off. And he asks, “What’s with that jar next to your laptop?”

“Oh, that’s my Betta fish.”

He looks confused and asks, “Your prefish? Like version 0.5?”

We stare at each other for a moment. Then I get it. “Oh, no! Betta! It’s a Siamese Fighting Fish. Not Beta, like new software.”

I think that’s the coolest conversation I had all December. : )

We have this tree…

So we have this tree… It’s called a “Fruit Cocktail” tree. Why? Because some brilliant person grafted orange, lemon, and grapefruit branches to generic root stalk. We call it FrankenTree. It is the meanest tree I’ve ever met… it has long, 3 inch spiky thorns and jabs at you as you walk by. We all have scars from its massively long, stinging talons, and I’m surprised none of us have lost an eye to the damn thing. Does it make fruit? Sort of. It makes green things that stay on it for 8-10 months, then turn brown and fall on you as you wander nearby. Some of them turn yellow. And they’re *huge* We call them FrankenFruit.

Daniel decided to prune FrankenTree this morning. Unfortunately, he failed to notify me of this event, so I have no before/during pics. Therefore, I must improvise.

I do, however, have some pics after the event. Here’s me, a *much* shorter and less bushy looking FrankenTree (omg, it looks normal!), and it’s bizarrely huge FrankenFruit. And the cat, most likely wondering what we’re doing playing around in the wet grass. Yes, do feel free to make fun of my cowboy pjs. I think they’re a hoot.

And of course I also grabbed a snap of FrankenFruit. Here, we see FrankenFruit next to normal fruit, an orange and 2 grapefruits, purchased from Vons.

Notice how FrankenFruit is homogeneous looking, nubby, and generally malformed. The first year I lived here, each side of the tree produced distinct orange/grapefruit/lemon looking fruit. Not this year. FrankenFruit is mostly the same irrespective of its original location on FrankenTree and very lemony in its apperance. I think I’ll try to eat one. Daniel says, “Sure, I help you. I’ll call 911 when you keel over.” Gee, thanks, hun.

I chose the normalest looking one that looked the most like a sweet fruit. It was a lemon (but it sure does smell good), and full of seeds (anybody want their own FrankenTree? lmk). But, a sweeter than normal lemon. So, I dub FrankenFruit Edible. Maybe I’ll make some lemonade. : )

He sits on my desk and looks at me.

Let me take a moment to introduce you to Norman F. Norman, world. World, Norman.


I’m back to work today… with a pretty big To Do list. Sigh… ah, well. At least it’s super quiet and I have ipod to amuse me while I meander thru my list. Oh, and have I mentioned I now have Sonic the Hedgehog on my ipod? Shhhh, dont tell. =p Actually, i’m really impressed with the game. The graphics are so clear, and it’s really easy to play. And a great way to while away the hours in the bank teller line, waiting for the car to run thru the wash, &c (but of course not for work! No, No, Never!).

Am I glad to be back? well… let’s see… puttering around the home, crocheting on stuffs, napping, fooling around in the yard, watching the impending rainstorm roll in VS work. Uh, hm. what do *you* think???? Anyways, I’ve managed to fritter away the last hour making a list, sifting email, and getting irritated with Twitter. I just created an account for giggles, but come to find out, i’m not popular enough to consider keeping it. 3… 2… 1… deleted.

I am still stumped and frustrated about this flickr/ravelry/blog work, and trying to get the three to mash together in one place. I’ve read more MT documentation than I ever wanted to, which is useless as I have no access to the MT server sitting in the main library at work, which houses my blog. According to flickr and MT, there’s this file that should be somewhere, and some setting that should be turned on. And MT is low on the list of Things To Do in IT these days, what with this working thing going on. So, I remain stumped. For now. We’ll see what develops.

I got a neato offer from UIUC a few days back – one of the professors there asked me to be a guest lecturer for the online Science Reference course, isn’t that cool!?! I’ll blah, blah, blah on about science reference questions, and what my job is like. I am pretty tickled because I like to consider myself an Out-Of-The-Box librarian, doing things quite differently from the norm.

Well, back to work for now. I have 9 things to do today… umpteen Rats in my Rats bin that require killing, a few missing books to find, and other, less amusing things. Of it all, only one thing looks fun. Ah, errata….