Fish 0.5

So Y’all have met Norman, right? The betta fish that sits on my desk? Well, I have a story for you. First off, I love IT people. I really do. I think they’re so cool and I wouldnt want to work with anyone else.

Norman comes home with me on our breaks. The library is closed for 2 weeks around xmas, so Norman has to come home, as I’m not going to drop into work just to feed him. He comes home and sits on the entertainment center with all the other fishies.

So I’m transporting Norman, in what I have that best fits the job, a plastic peanut butter jar. Norman is dismayed, i’m sure, but I have this meeting before we can go home, so he’s there, in the jar, swimming around next to my laptop as i write the agenda for the meeting on the board. Our webmaster comes in.

We make small talk about vacations and work and time off. And he asks, “What’s with that jar next to your laptop?”

“Oh, that’s my Betta fish.”

He looks confused and asks, “Your prefish? Like version 0.5?”

We stare at each other for a moment. Then I get it. “Oh, no! Betta! It’s a Siamese Fighting Fish. Not Beta, like new software.”

I think that’s the coolest conversation I had all December. : )

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