Help! My Dreams have been Hijacked!

K, so y’all know I’m taking these classes at the local community college, right? Word (specialist), Word (expert), and Excel. Aw yea, loads o fun. Really, I do like MS2K7 over previous editions… when I can find the right friggin’ tab. And it’s not like MS’s crappy help will give you an image with a big red arrow pointing to what you want. or even a handy file path.

So this Saturday I spent nearly all day doing 3 chapters of homework and stuff (with fun breaks here and there, like ‘put the laundry in the dryer’ and ‘mop the kitchen floor’). For whatever reason, the had-been-good-until-this-point-textbook took a break from reality and failed to clarify some ‘click heres’ in a few (most) particularly important places, resulting in some very hair tearing and frustrating hunts, for example, the elusive “Edit Image Design Tab” (which I honestly dont think exists). Finally, after doing nothing even remotely satisfying for an entire friggin’ saturday, I was done.

Come nite nite, yea, guess what I dreamt. Word. Excel. Putting images into Word. And Excel. Putting Excel into Word, and Word into Excel.

Not fun. I do NOT think dreaming about Microsoft Products is remotely gratifying.


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