Prozac for Laptops?

i’ve been using a loaner laptop for the last month in order to beta test vmware’s fusion (first generation MacBook Pro). Pandora is her name, and, bless her heart, she’s caused nothing but trouble in the beginning. then, suddenly, she worked just fine. then, she started causing trouble again.

Pandora is clearly bipolar. “ooooh, we’re a happy laptop! we are working! look! here’s word! Look! here’s wireless! look! here’s google! look! let’s play games! lets do things!”

Then, “no, there is no wireless! there is no word! i dont work! who are you? what do you want? what do you expect from me? life is horrible! turn me off!”

then, “look! i found wireless! look! outlook is running! look! here’s some java! let’s play solitare! let’s connect to the vpn and talk to the cool servers at work!”

then, “no! there is no vpn! i have no IP! what do you mean, you want to print? there is no printing! there is no work! there is no fun! life is horrible! turn me off!”

Here’s an example – i am in a meeting, and i desperately want to download and view the ppt offered by our brilliant ADFUSTI. but, Pandora is having a little episode. over the course of one minute, i captured screenshots of her wireless connectivity.





just imagine it, blinking on and off like a circus light.

oh, and the Rainbow Swirly of Doom. I see that a lot, too.

oh, and she runs hot. REALLY hot.

She is not a lap friendly laptop. Poor thing.


5 thoughts on “Prozac for Laptops?

  1. Mom

    Jez, I’m sorry for the problems, but at least you have a sense of humor about Pandora!!! My Mac also runs “hot.” Best, Mom

  2. Cindi

    Tell Sam to give you Eostre, not Pandora. Goddess of the dawn and rebirth, not possessor of chaos. (she also has more RAM and HD space than the other MacBook Pros hanging around out there…)

  3. fred durden

    Hi Jez–great website (?). I had no idea the Macs ran so hot. I like the warmth of my Tos on my lap as it struggles through Vista and its never ending popups to tell me that Adobe Flash is on the “hated” list and not to be trusted. And great yarn work. Regards, Dad


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