Monthly Archives: March 2008

The Big Book of Weekend Crochet

Borrowed The Big Book of Weekend Crochet from the library recently, and thougth i’d post my thoughts. nice – had a handful of really neato patterns in it. the patterns were classic, applying basic stitches and details in an appealing and versatile form. the only drawback – too many baby patterns. I really liked several of the sweater/wraps/cardigan patterns, and one or two tank top patterns. The rest was not to my liking. Do I think it’s worth the 18.00$? No. But I might consider it used for way cheaper.

Blue Shawl for my SCP

Made this neato shawl for my pal on Secret Crochet Pals. I really love this blue yarn! I got it as a gift from a friend; her Mom had tons and tons of stuff she used for machine knitting, and this came from that.

My base chain was several inches longer than my arm span, and I did shell, sk 2, sc, sk 2 shell for the body. I edged it with 2 rows of sc, then a row of shells. I am pleased with how it turned out.