A Day in the Life #1

A Day in the Life #1, Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

So this morning on Twitter Lauren Pressley posted about a challenge by Bobbi L. Newman called “A day in the life.” This challenge is for librarians to post about their day in order to share their world with incoming librarians, those interested in librarianship, and, of course, other colleagues. Sounds fascinating, and hey, it will give the granny squares that typically lurk around here a run for their money.

So count me in. : )

8:00 AM

Oh, good morning, email.

Oh, Hai, odd licensing agreement from across the country. Let’s read you. Boy, you havent been updated since 1997, oh fair licensing agreement. We should ask some questions as to what UPenn expects the library to do once we get our 500$ downloaded linguistic data. See, yesterday afternoon I had a computer science faculty member email about a linguistic database she wants to use this summer with a student. She stated the tool was 250$, which is a lot, but manageable for their budget, and it is an area they’re researching in. So I inquire about it. This AM I get an interesting licensing agreement that doesnt exactly state what a library is to do with managing the data, AND the price has jumped from 250$ (a “reduced licensing fee”) to 500$. Hm. I need to find out if the thing can only be downloaded to a single machine or a library network drive or DVD. The last such database I bought for CS was on DVD. If it can only go on one machine, the prof is going to have to suck it up and buy it with department money. We’ll see.

9:19 AM

YES. Coworker just emailed about a free book giveaway. Score! See, engineering is renovating their office this summer and I have bins and bins and bins of books the professors donated to the library. At present, I’m a little overwhelmed with another book moving project, check out my flickr stream of that mess, here – http://flickr.com/photos/jezmynne/sets/72157605814311981/
so I dont really have much time to sort through this stuff. Being able to route them directly out of my office (yes, office. it’s an obstacle course in here at the moment) to the main library is a huge bonus. Time to settle in, count the damn things, and send off for donation acknowledgment letters.

12:34 PM

Well, ~250 gift books processed and binned for the giveaway, and I’m interrupted to go cover the circ desk. Our student has been here a half hour after his shift and has to leave for an appt, and the next student is MIA. So is our student/circ desk manager, who apparently knew of this problem. SIGH.

Well, this means that I can get caught up on other administrative things I find necessary for my job. Like, my monthly summary. One of the things I learned from my father, an independent business owner, is to meticulously log my daily activities. I keep a notebook and a page for each day of work, where I mark what I’m working on, what I’ve accomplished, my To Dos, and any relevant stats, like Reference interactions, Instruction sessions, time spent on projects, or Outreach events. At the end of each month I consolidate this stuff into a monthly summary, which makes for super easy annual reporting and portfolio building. I highly recommend to EVERYONE that you keep a daily and monthly log. It is so very helpful, and, it captures all the work I really do on a day to day basis.

5:14 PM

Done for the day, thankfully! Processed a total of 28 bins of books, omg, I forgot I had enough space for a place for visitors to sit in my office! LOL


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