A Day in the Life #2

Well, this day was a big bucket of aggravating… It started off right away – See, we’ve been living in the 17th century at home the last handful of days as someone trashed the transformer to our area. They got it fixed last night, and for the first time, my little girl was getting a good night’s sleep (the pitch dark just freaked her out). I was letting her sleep in, until I get an email from one of the desk students. Our circ desk/student manager person called out, and had a desk student email me this news claiming his ’email was out.’ Irritated, was I.

I get in, and resumed the cleaning spree I started yesterday, now focusing on a storage room full of boxes and bags of journals donated a year ago by a widow of a mathematician. Since we are removing journals from the building and emphasizing electronic access, I no longer have to store them to see if we own them or not. They all can go. And they did. There’s a huge, giant mountain of stuff, boxes and bags, and I sure hope housecleaning comes by to pick up the recyclables today.

Right around lunch, my cleaning spree derailed when I got a chat from our NSA (Network System Administrator) that we need to move our blog server and make some fixes. So…. that means that all my templates currently used will break, and I will have to rebuild and reconstruct everything after the move. SIGH. So in the process of talking to said NSA, I asked if I could administer the new blog server and Movable Type. Nope, apparently that job is going to a publications coordinator. Yes, I am really disappointed. Lately, it seems our IT department is shutting out the librarians and restricting the development and exploration of new things. Ugh!

We used to have a really awesome director of IT, but she had to run off and go work somewhere else, and now we’ve got this herd that shuts innovation down and blackballs the librarians from exploring and trying new things. Although, they do play favorites, which also annoys me. I honestly think that if you have capable, curious people who want to try new things, you should enable them to do so. But, that no longer appears to be our culture at work.

So, this day was a big thorn. I’m glad it’s over, and that I can work on an afghan or something. Or read about hosting your own blog, since that seems like something I should learn up on.  : )


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