A Day in the Life #3

11:38 AM

Well, good morning-ish.  : )

Today is teh tired – I spent umpteen hours last night migrating my bloggy stuffs from our MT server at work, which is about to be FUBAR’ed by work, to WordPress.  So far, I am… well, i’m like switzerland about it atm.  I miss my cool widgets, which I cant seem to figure out how to make happen.  Do I need to learn CSS to get them n their javascript into place?  Is there some other magicks I dont know yet?  Alas, at least there’s widgets for my most frequently used social networking sites that I can plug in, and I am happy about that.

I must say, the wordpress interface is MUCH improved over Movable Type’s interface.  It is sooo easy to drag and drop things around, upload media and images, and generally link things together.  And the tagging option is hella cool.  So it has its advantages, even if I cant have my moon calendar widget thingie or my flash flickr thingie, or del.icio.us tag cloud thingie.  I do miss my Library Thing list – hey, @wordpress, where’s the widget for that?

But I do like the text box adding options, so I can have that blurb up there at the upper left that says who I am and what I do.  and the URL is super short and sweet for easy remembering, over that athena.libraries.claremont.edu/tildename/othername/blah blah blah.

Change is inevitable, except from the vending machine, I say.

Today already has its ups and downs.  I am really tired and not as rested as I’d like, but hey.
Ups – I have a new wordpress, work free blog.
Downs – apparently the trash/recycling isnt going out lately.  So I’m tripping over all my cleaning (see days 1 and 2), and the Mothership has still to send their delivery emissaries for those 28 bins of giveaway books, also causing much tripping (see day 1).  Oh, and I have very concerned mathematicians about our moving project (see day one for link to frightening flickr pics).  We may not be able to easily interfile the stuff in boxes that are print only with stuff on shelves as we’re missing 2 key things – labor and data.  It may all go out of the building, and math is not so happy about that.  I’m hoping to catch up with one or two of them today to try and quell the fire.

For now, I’m starving, want cheese, bacon, and red meat, so I think I’ll try to find one of the aforementioned mathematicians and a 5$ buffet dining hall lunch.

L8rz, y’all

6:24 PM

Well, home now, resting in the quiet, well, quiet except for random gunfire and grenades from whatever game D is playing.  He ordered us pizza, so waiting on that, and I figured I’d round out my day.

This afternoon was spent in training for our new Institutional Repository at Claremont.  This is a pretty exciting addition to our digital library, and I’m really glad the library is taking a proactive, service-to-faculty approach with it. The CCDL is asking the librarians to beta it with selected faculty to outline the process and get enough things in there to encourage faculty buy-in.  Eventually they will have a staff member who will add materials to the IR on behalf of the faculty.

However…. I think they are going to have a struggle to get librarian buy-in.  Not because it’s a good idea, because it really is, but because the interface is really horrific.  And there’s a lot of steps to getting data in there.  And that’s a pain in the ass.  You log in, upload a CV (really, there should be a feed here from the faculty’s page, or this will get out of date FAST), have citations handy, look up the authority name in LoC (and this should somehow be searchable right from the IR interface, imho), make sure you have the right authority name, guess for co-authors you dont know, paste, paste some more, choose a publisher (or create a publisher record if none exists), paste the citation info into the ‘notes’ field because there’s no place for that in the interface (which stuns me to no end), and then upload a pdf of the paper.  Eventually, someone, I think in CCDL, will hunt up the publisher to verify copywright info.

It’s a lot of steps, involving a lot of different windows, and takes a lot of time.  In the hour and a half session, I got 2 citations in.  I am skeptical the librarians are going to take the time to do this regularly, because of the elaborate steps and time required.  I eagerly look forward to the delegation of this work to a permanent person.

In the mean time, it is a GREAT idea and I support the initiative, so I will plan to do one citation a day, first thing in the AM.  I’ll put it in my calendar so I have an annoying pop up to remind me.  : )


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