A Day in the Life #5

12:24 PM

Well, back at work today.  My little one is on the mend, but I’m starting to feel a bit crappy.  Ah, well, such is parenting.

So here I am, sitting in my office, making a list of all that needs to be done today.  I have to put out a call for department mathematicians to meet this friday over lunch to discuss our plans for how we are going to attempt to put the library back together after removing and boxing half a floor of materials.  All the boxed content lives on the 5th floor in this giant, chaotic mess.  I need to try to explain to Math what this means, and how difficult it will be to try to make sense of it all in limited time (we are what, six weeks away from people coming back to campus?) and simultaneously preparing for fall and spring semesters.  It is not pretty at present.  I also need to draft together exactly what we’ve done, and possible options for what we will do.

Let’s see… I have a few ref questions that surfaced that need to be answered, and two book purchase requests.  One is tricky in that it is an ebook with no readily apparent licensing agreement, and I am wondering how we’d make that available to the 6000+ users of Claremont.  The other is an obscure, out of print German math book.  That promises to be a rather fun hunt.

Oh, and my trash STILL has not gone out.  I STILL have that huge pile of boxes in my office from Day One of this epic librarianship journey.  Today, I plan to leave my office door unlocked and wide open in an attempt to see if the trash will mysteriously manage to move itself out of my office.

Oh, and I have to go find 11 books that a staff member cannot find.

3:50 PM

Ugh, I am SO annoyed!  I spent oh, dunno, about an hour digging around for those 11 books, binned them, and routed them to the Mothership (our main library), only to receive an email from them stating that they no longer needed the books and we should not have looked for them in the first place.  So, it was a mistake that I was asked to deviate from more important issues to hunt for books that are no longer needed.  SIGH.  That was a major time waste that I just didnt need, on top of all the other things I am trying to work on.

Another annoyance is this constant problem of things boxed on the 5th floor.  People use the library, come to find out (golly, gee wiz, ma! Ya think?), and users expect us to somehow be able to scan things out of those boxes in a timely fashion.  That aint happenin’.  They have to be ILL’ed.  I know these are minor annoyances, but it would appear that my coworkers are delegating these things to me instead of handling the issues themselves, only for me to delegate them right back because I have enough issues I’ve got to take care of.

I am just generally irritated with all this stuff.  Moving library collections is stressful, even more so when you have insufficient data and labor.  I feel like I’m being cheated out of my summer – certainly no time off for me, and not adequate time to prepare for the cooler and more fun things I’d like to do come fall.  I got some great ideas for outreach and instruction at ALA, but I am not sure if I’ll be able to put things together in time.  And the same goes for all my Sakai things, too.  I’m way behind on my 2.5 testing, as well as updating and adding to my very successful Sakai site and subsequent librarian involvement project.  And the list of Things To Do just keep getting longer and longer….

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