A Day in the Life #7

Boy, this day flew by.  I had to be there bright and early to open the library as everyone else is off.  I spent the first hour of my day having a few conversations with various staff members about Ruth’s passing, and how shocked we all are.  She and I were friends, so it is natural people would reach out to me.  Around 10:30 I settled in and began my presentation for the math faculty tomorrow.  I need to bring them up to speed on our giant moving project, what we’ve done so far and what our intended next steps should be.  See, there are a lot of faculty that are totally in the dark about what is going on.  The initial project began with the former department chair, who is on sabbatical, taken over by the current chair, who is also now on sabbatical, and currently headed up by the interim department chair.  Thus, there’s been a lot of, “uh, what’s going on?” going on.

I am totally Microsoft free, so I started my preso using NeoOffice, which I love, for non-Microsoft.  (I do have to give mad props to MS 2007; that handy ribbon bar and annoying mini menu pop up are most handy, actually, and I must say I miss that simplicity after using it for 4 months when I argue with NeoOffice about  doing something I think it should do.)  Based on a conversation I had with cool librarian Colleen Harris at ALA, I peppered my preso with LoLCatz. You know, to lighten the mood as I tell Math the library has been hit by a tornado of boxes and the likelihood of your print only titles coming back are slim.   My director loved it, so we are Go For Launch.  I’ll, of course, post about it tomorrow.

I worked on that steady till it was time to go to the Mothership, where I attend the IACC and chair the SAT meetings.  IACC is Inter-Academic Computing Committee and SAT is the Sakai Administration Team.  I love SAT; it is the epitome of what a productive team should be.  Imagine… things get done.  People say they’ll do something, and they do it.  That appointment is the high point of my work responsibilities.

After the meeting, where we talked about rolling out version 2.5, version 2.5 testing, and the tech and policy issues of photos in the Roster and Membership tools, I stayed to finish the minutes, post the action items, and take care of all that errata.  I prefer to do it right away instead of procrastinating and then forgetting all about it.

After that, I took a quick jaunt up to IT, where I had a conversation about MT/Wordpress.  I figured out last night that although WordPress imported all my exported posts and comments, all my pictures are still on the MT server at work, and WordPress is pointing to them.  FAIL.  After looking at tools, we decided that the best/only course of action was for me to go through my 200 posts and change the links to Flickr pics or upload them to WordPress itself.  Oh, funness.

So now I am home, spinach and cheese quiche is in the oven, and it’s time to find some pjs and a thing of yarn.


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