A Day in the Life # somethingiforget…

So I know that technically the A Day in the Life project concluded on Friday, but I think I’ll try to continue the trend.  I realized over the last week that I am pretty down about my job right now.  That sucks, because I’ve liked it in the past.  But… change is inevitable.  I’m sure I’ll go back to liking it at some point.  And even if not, well, it’s still not the end all be all of my existence and I’ll make do because it does have its benefits.  Like a paycheck.

Anyways, I digress. I hope that maybe I can emphasize positive highlights in my A Day in the Life entries from here on out. I dont want my place of work to look like a horror movie for y’all or for me.

So…. what did I do today….

First, I stopped in on the Mothership and killed a half dozen Rats (Rats, for those of you havent heard me use that phrase before, are those things that rapidly pile up, breed like, well, Rats, if not tended to, and vary in degrees of importance.  I typically have an inbox full of them).  I needed to talk to some coworkers about the charity ventures that Ruth’s fiber friends are coordinating, so that the library’s donations in Ruth’s name can go towards those events.  I also needed to pop into BAS, AKA Bibliographic Access Services, and follow up about that CS linguistic database purchase.  We’d send in the licensing agreement last week, already!  Sure enough, they’d received it and had even charged our credit card, but failed to email us the download info.  Anyways, after negotiating with them on the phone I was up to IT to arrange for that being downloaded and hosted on the network, and proxied appropriately and all that.  Took a bit of time, but that Rat is killed.  Well, I still have to have it cataloged, so let’s say it’s in its death throes.

A quick lunch, then back to Sprague to negotiate with another science librarian, and the third via IM, about everybody’s favorite moving project.  After much heated discussion, I think we have an idea about how to go about putting the library back in order (at least, I *think* I got my way).  I then spent the rest of the afternoon moving books cubbyholed in the journals out of the way and to their new, permanent home.

Tomorrow I am taking my daughter to the beach.  I am leaving my phone in the car and my laptop at home.  We’re bringing sunscreen, towels, water, and a couple of pb&js. And that’s it.

Dont call me, I’ll call you.  : )

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