Miss7 and Money

So about a month ago I see my daughter wandering up and down the street with a bucket full of things talking to people and ringing doorbells.  Yes, I felt compelled to investigate.

Mommy:  “Lila, what are you doing?”

Lila: “I’m selling things, Mommy.  I want some money.”

Mommy: “What?!?  What are you selling? (looks in bucket, sees a half chewed gum pack, dead glow in the dark sticks, a half used craft project) And why do you want money?  You cant pander to the locals!  That’s not allowed here!”

Lila:  “I just want money.  I can sell these things.”

Mommy:  “No, you cant.  There’s a No Solicitation rule for this park.  Besides, if you want money I’ll give you chores and you can earn money.”

Lila:  “Oh, I dont want to work, Mommy.  I just want money.”

Sigh.  However, I make her come in the house, and we develop a chore list.  It’s pretty easy, mostly involving her doing her reading and homework, picking up her things, giving the cats food and water, putting various stages of laundry in its appropriate spot – that stuff.  She eagerly went about filling in her excel spreadsheet with star stickers as she acheived her chores, and has followed through over the last month.  Between the 12 bucks she earned (three dollars a week) and the six pounds of change she’s managed to accumulate we went shopping at Target with her 21 dollars.  It was way fun to watch her choose what to spend her money on.

She bought:
1.  A Hello Kitty doll from the dollar bin
2.  A bendy metal velvet flower thing from the dollar bin
3.  Some gel cling stickers from the dollar bin
4.  A butterfly wallet to keep her money in (this was the most fun to watch – “What?  That one is ten dollars!?!? I’m not going to spend ten dollars on a wallet!  Target has lost their mind!  Where’s the cheaper ones?”)
5.  The crappy new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory dvd

Oh, and that bucket?  I later found it out at the end of the driveway full of that half used crap with a sign that read, “Take one, leave a dollar.”


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