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Play VS Work

Play: Work that you enjoy doing for nothing.
Evan Esar

Wow, yea.  That is true!  Crochet is technically work, but I love it, and do it all the time and enjoy it.  It’s technically work to do home improvement stuff, but D and I do it a lot anyway, and enjoy it. It’s technically work to organize things, but you all know that I live for that shit.

So this begs the question – How do you make work become play?  How do you find ways to mold your work into something you enjoy doing?  And then what do you do about the things you *have* to do that are not so fun?  I guess that becomes the checks n balances part of it… and is why we eventually get paid to ‘work’ and it is not considered ‘play’.

However, I am going to make a conserted effort when I do return to work next week to begin to think about how to change my ‘work’ so it is more ‘play’ and therefore more enjoyable.  First, I plan to list all the things I like to do, followed by a list of all the things I dont like to do.  Next, I’ll look at that second list, and work hard to identify the things I do that are unnecessary in today’s flavor of librarianship.  I also will look at that second list and see if there are matches with my work peers as something someone considers ‘play’.  Maybe a trade?

It would be interesting to create a wiki at work for all my work peers – two columns, what you like, and what you dont like.  From there, it’s an easy step to simply let people choose what to do and distribute tasks and initiatives.  And those things no one likes to do?  Well, again, distribute equally to ensure no one does nothing but crap they dont like to do.  After all, it is still work.



A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.
Herm Albright

omg, I freakin’ love this!!!!  I’m totally making this my signature line on my work email.  : )

Crochet Edging on a Fleece Blanket


I have scads and scads of fleece lying around from my cloth diaper making days, and I’ve been using one yard diaper cuts for baby blankets. I edge them with crochet.  They’re super easy to make – get yourself a skip stitch blade for a rotary cutter, and run it along the edge of the material (you can use flannel, or birdseye, whatever).  Sc, ch 3, sc around, join.  sc, dc 5, sc to make a shell.  Voila!