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Library Day In The Life – July 27, 2009

Well, life is not without its drama, to say the least.  This entire summer I’ve been quite consumed with closing my science library, then the other science library, and helping to consolidate significant amounts of our collections, from the closed libraries and other locations, into our offsite Records Center.  I’ve been working weekends at the Records Center, taking comparable days off during the week, thus, I missed yesterday’s post.

The Records Center

It’s been quite a challenge working here, I can tell you!  First off, we are consolidating and shelving from six different locations and therefore six different piles of boxes.  We first stage the boxes out from each location, and open them.  We have a hand made shelf list with spaces for surpise discoveries.  We then go through and number the titles in reverse alphabetical order (we are shelving from Z-A).  The students place the titles together on the carts, and we number them according to how they should come off the carts and onto the shelves.  Another team then shelves them after someone places them in numerical order.  Confused yet?  Heh.

See more pictures of the Records Center and the closure of the science libraries here.

I spent the AM at the records center, then headed over to the other science library (not mine) to make sure that closure was wrapping up, then headed to the main library.  I worked on an outline for a staff development class on Sakai (our content management system, kinda like Blackboard or WebCT) before heading to our weekly managers meeting.  During that meeting, we discussed the budget for the next fiscal year and other administrivia.  Then, off to teach the staff how to address Tier 1 Sakai questions.  We’re busy creating Service Level Agreements here, and one of our requirements for the Sakai SLA is that all service points across all campuses can handle basic questions.  The session went well, and I retired to my cubby to write this post, upload some more pictures of the records center and library, and finish up for the day.  I’m off tomorrow for Saturday, but there will be more come Thursday.  : )