Would You?

So I got a text message from Dale on Friday night, around 6, asking if I wanted to go for a drive that night.  That in itself is not unusual; since deer season opened on August 31st we’ve been haunting all of southeastern Idaho looking for edible wildlife.  So, I said sure.  However… he tells me it’s not for a hunting trip, but for three stranded kids, and do I want to help out and get them home?  To Montana?  Of course I said yes.  Should my beloved Lila ever be in such a situation, I would pray that someone else would do the same to help her out.

Dale shows up in a little bit later with three young people.  Apparently, these three younguns were en route to Montana from Salt Lake City for a wedding when their car broke down right outside of Inkom, about 5 miles south of Pocatello.  A state trooper stopped, took the part off their car, and drove them to the Carquest where Dale works.  Carquest didnt have the part, and the kids were totally stranded, and VERY upset.  They really wanted to go home.  They wanted to see their families.  They were scared.  They didnt know what to do.  So what does Dale do?  He took them to Uhaul.  He helped them rent a trailer.  He picked me up, and we went to Inkom and got their car.  We then drove three hours to Montana, meeting their very happy and very appreciative father and uncle in Dillon, Montana at midnight.  The kids were so thankful, as were the parents.  We have friends now, in Montana.

So what would you do?  What would you do if you encountered three very upset young people miles and hours from family and safety?  How would you help?  Would you be able to take six, meager hours out of your life to make a difference?  I hope that answer is yes, as that’s the answer that will improve this world.

1 thought on “Would You?

  1. Royce Kitts

    As much as I could to help them out. Being stranded sucks. Being all grown up if I am stranded I just call the insurance the pick up my car and get me a rental car. Not everyone has that luxury.


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