Library Day In The Life Round 8, Post 2

Library Day In The Life, Post Two.

Each year, I participate in Bobbi Newman’s A Day in the Life of a Librarian initiative, where librarians all over the world document a week out of their professional lives.  This is a great resource for library school students, or anyone interested in going to library school, as well as for people curious about what librarians do all day.  No, we do not sit around and read books.  Nor do we hush people.  : )

Let me first begin by explaining that I am the director of the Portneuf District Library in Chubbuck, Idaho.  Chubbuck is outside of Pocatello, and my metro area is about 50,000 or so people.  I serve a community of 21,000 people.  I’ve been director here for about a year and a half.  We’re a small operation and as director, I do a little bit of everything.  We work hard as a team in my library, and although there is a formal hierarchy, we are all valuable members of a team that works very hard to serve our community members.

Today begins bright and early organizing and preparing for our new temp hire’s arrival.  She arrives on time, and I spend a few minutes introducing her to the staff, explaining the schedule, and getting her set up with her Google Apps account.  She then spends the rest of her day training on the Landmark audio project and getting to know our ILS system.

Next, I go back to tackling my email organization issue, and after an hour, I’ve organized a month’s worth of emails from March of 2011 as well as deleting almost a thousand emails I thought I’d previously deleted in Thunderbird.  Fun times.

I then spend a few minutes working on SEILA, the Southeastern Idaho Library Association spring conference, of which I am chair.  Today I firmed up our state web guru to come and do a session on the Ebranch In A Box project, which provides small libraries with a drupal installation to use as a website.  Drupal has a steep learning curve, and many of our small libraries struggle to figure out the best way to use it.  Having the state’s web guru come and give a presentation will be huge for us!

I also talked to a nearby Barnes & Noble, who agrees to come to our conference and give a presentation and demonstration of their Nook devices and ebooks.  This is also huge, as most libraries in Idaho are unable to afford costly ebook packages like Overdrive.  Based on these two sessions and our smashing keynote speakers, this little conference is going to be AMAZING.

Finally, I get back into the nitty gritty of buffing up version 4 of my long range plan for my board.  I spend the rest of the day on that, and get it emailed off for review.  Shew!  That was a huge task and I’m glad version 4 is done.

I have tomorrow off, so I will be back with another day of my library life on Thursday!

1 thought on “Library Day In The Life Round 8, Post 2

  1. Courtney F

    We had Barnes & Noble and Apple come to a small conference to talk about their products in Nashville recently and those were some of the most talked about sessions we had at the conference! I hope yours goes as well!


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