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A Day (week) in the Life

Back today…. I enjoyed some wonderful time away from work and mostly away from the Intarwebz for the past week.  My family, Dad, Stepmom, and Gramma, came in to visit from New Mexico.  They stayed the weekend and we ate, hung out, watched my kid be a very poor loser at checkers, and generally had a great time visiting.  It sucks having immediate family a few states over.

Monday I took my little one to see Wall-E, which has got to be the best damned kid movie I’ve ever seen.  It was really powerful… I felt the full range of emotions one would expect from a grown up movie, and I was amazed at how much they could communicate without languague.  Quite profound, the image of fat humans plugged into a chair with a screen in front of their face, and the subsequent lack of interaction.  The dismal image of Earth, cluttered and filthy with trash and advertisements is a shocking reminder where we’re going if we dont change our ways.  Bravo, Pixar.  Bravo.

In addition to the movie, my kid and I wandered around the local hot spots, walking, hitting the bookstore, lunch, and all that fun stuff.  I bought a set of jacks at a local toy store, and quickly learned that my Lila doesn’t do that ‘bounce/catch’ thing so well.  She wanted to modify the rules so that I bounced the ball while she picked up the jacks, but I stood firm on her need to master hand/eye coordination on a teeny superbounce ball.  She elected to go find bugs after that.

It was great to have some time away from it all.  I generally ignored work email, only surfing for reference questions or queries from users, stayed offline, limiting my internet fun to games and my crochet groups.   But, back now, and the time away refreshed me to get motivated and ready for fall.

So today I taught my first class of the year, for HMC’s summer institute program.  27 newbie frosh brought in for leadership training asked brilliant questions and were generally engaged in my session.  I forgive the poor girl who napped through the hour, because everyone else was on the ball.  I continued my new trend of using LOL cats, GraphJam, and images from Fail Blog, which was a whopping success. I’ve never seen students so interested in a ppt about library research before.  And of course I dazzled them with a few Google goodies, like Scholar and Uncle Sam.

After that, back to my desk and finish those Sakai videos.  I finished two, and I am pleased with how they turned out.  I also exported the vids for iPod/iPhone, and boy, that was hella cool.

So it was a good day.  I got a lot done, and I’m about as near as ready as I’ll ever be for fall.  Tomorrow, I’ll log into RTM and see what else I need to take care of.   : )



So my good friend Candace has been on me to check out BookMooch, and at lunch today insisted I create an account. So I did.

BookMooch is a website where you post books you want to find homes for, and as you send off books, you earn points to ask for books to be sent to you. Sounds cool, right? Lordy knows I’ve got way too many bookies around my house that could use a good home. So when I got home, and added a few books until Pandora decided she wasnt happy talking to the Internet anymore and my kid wanted something to eat.

I plugged pesky Pandora in and told her to sit there an think about connecting to the Internet.

I heated up a piece of left over pizza for Lila.

I sat back down, and had requests for 5 books! I was floored! One of the books was this lovely, super expensive hardback book, The Cross and the Serpent, I had from my history days at UNM. I’ve held on to it for all these years because I couldnt bear to part with it; it *is* a lovely book. I am so happy to see that it was requested for ‘Mooching’ right away. I am so delighted that lovely book is off to someone who wants it.

I’m so pleased. : )

Help! My Dreams have been Hijacked!

K, so y’all know I’m taking these classes at the local community college, right? Word (specialist), Word (expert), and Excel. Aw yea, loads o fun. Really, I do like MS2K7 over previous editions… when I can find the right friggin’ tab. And it’s not like MS’s crappy help will give you an image with a big red arrow pointing to what you want. or even a handy file path.

So this Saturday I spent nearly all day doing 3 chapters of homework and stuff (with fun breaks here and there, like ‘put the laundry in the dryer’ and ‘mop the kitchen floor’). For whatever reason, the had-been-good-until-this-point-textbook took a break from reality and failed to clarify some ‘click heres’ in a few (most) particularly important places, resulting in some very hair tearing and frustrating hunts, for example, the elusive “Edit Image Design Tab” (which I honestly dont think exists). Finally, after doing nothing even remotely satisfying for an entire friggin’ saturday, I was done.

Come nite nite, yea, guess what I dreamt. Word. Excel. Putting images into Word. And Excel. Putting Excel into Word, and Word into Excel.

Not fun. I do NOT think dreaming about Microsoft Products is remotely gratifying.


We have this tree…

So we have this tree… It’s called a “Fruit Cocktail” tree. Why? Because some brilliant person grafted orange, lemon, and grapefruit branches to generic root stalk. We call it FrankenTree. It is the meanest tree I’ve ever met… it has long, 3 inch spiky thorns and jabs at you as you walk by. We all have scars from its massively long, stinging talons, and I’m surprised none of us have lost an eye to the damn thing. Does it make fruit? Sort of. It makes green things that stay on it for 8-10 months, then turn brown and fall on you as you wander nearby. Some of them turn yellow. And they’re *huge* We call them FrankenFruit.

Daniel decided to prune FrankenTree this morning. Unfortunately, he failed to notify me of this event, so I have no before/during pics. Therefore, I must improvise.

I do, however, have some pics after the event. Here’s me, a *much* shorter and less bushy looking FrankenTree (omg, it looks normal!), and it’s bizarrely huge FrankenFruit. And the cat, most likely wondering what we’re doing playing around in the wet grass. Yes, do feel free to make fun of my cowboy pjs. I think they’re a hoot.

And of course I also grabbed a snap of FrankenFruit. Here, we see FrankenFruit next to normal fruit, an orange and 2 grapefruits, purchased from Vons.

Notice how FrankenFruit is homogeneous looking, nubby, and generally malformed. The first year I lived here, each side of the tree produced distinct orange/grapefruit/lemon looking fruit. Not this year. FrankenFruit is mostly the same irrespective of its original location on FrankenTree and very lemony in its apperance. I think I’ll try to eat one. Daniel says, “Sure, I help you. I’ll call 911 when you keel over.” Gee, thanks, hun.

I chose the normalest looking one that looked the most like a sweet fruit. It was a lemon (but it sure does smell good), and full of seeds (anybody want their own FrankenTree? lmk). But, a sweeter than normal lemon. So, I dub FrankenFruit Edible. Maybe I’ll make some lemonade. : )

Yea, I know… “Where You Been?”

This time of year is always full o sparse postings as I’m busy getting things made for xmas gifts. Luckily, my fam always gets together AFTER xmas, so I get a few days of extra Hooker time, which is nice.

Work’s been crazy busy – I’ve been getting rid of the many flavors of Rats (those pesky buggy things that always pop up and multiply like rabbits that arent super important but must be taken care of nonetheless) this week, as well as catching up and keeping up before my lovely 10 day break from work. Yaay, xmas. : )

Lila is such a good girl. I attended an assembly last week at her school where she received a merit award for reading. What a good girl! I am so proud of her. : )

I got a new phone… an iphone, if you can believe that, which rounded out my istuff quite nicely. It’s a glorious little toy that everyone loves to play with. The best part – work is going to reimburse me for it since I use it for text, IM, and phone contact with my peeps who need library stuff. Even Lila loves the little thing and runs around the house snapping pics like crazy. Here’s some of my Lila iFavs:

And my Favoritest of all…

Oh yea, speaking of iStuff, you *so* have to check out the The 2007 Holiday Guide To iCr@p

Been really busy pumping out hat n scarf sets. Like this one, for my niece. I figure it’s safe to post it here, cuz she is 3 and definitely doesnt read my blog. =P


Lace Day

Had a fabulous adventure this weekend with my good friend Ruth. We went to Lace Day in Torrance, and boy, was it something! I’m so glad she convinced me to go! At first I was dismayed that there wasnt much crochet stuff there at all, but that quickly dissolved into astonishment… I, for the first time in my short life, saw real life bobbin lace making! I spent nearly a half hour talking to one lady of the Freeway Lace Guild, and she patiently explained to me as much as she could, from bobbins, to the pinning, to the patterns, to twisting and turning and braiding, and even let me move some bobbins around. It was amazing, and I am really grateful for the opportunity to see such fine handiwork. I am intrigued at how intricate and complicated it all seems… Unfortunately my brain was Out To Lunch, and I forgot my camera, but here’s a picture from to show you something similar to what the lady from the Freeway Lace Guild was making (and Goddess Bless, allowing me to mess with!!!).

The super amazing thing? There were a few young, like 8, year old girls making bobbin lace motifs – dolphins and fairies. Wow.

So after I was done being speechless over the really incredible lace, I wandered over to the tatting tables. I’ve always wondered at that craft, not knowing much about it beyond the need for a shuttle and other things, but I quickly fell in love with this glorious and delicate tatted bookmark in greens and varigated threads to make flowers. That, and that really awesome Celtic Knot book… so, I decided this Dog aint old enough for New Tricks just yet, and bought 2 shuttles and a How To book. Ruth sat with me for a bit after we were done spending money and wandering around rather awe struck, and she showed me how to knot and make loops and picots. It was fairly simple, although we’ll see how I feel about that when I sit down to try to make something Celtic. *lol*

Other finds? A really awesome yoke book with reproduced patters from the teens n twenties. Eventually i’d like to make some for nighties and gowns. Oh, and a, get this, size 16 hook. Yes, folks, that’s a size 16 STEEL crochet hook. My, my, so small. Oh, and finally, a hairpin lace loom!!!!

When we were done, we went off to a coolio spice store where I got mulling spices for sachets and some spendy cinnamon for my coffee (but not strong enough for coffee, methinks, based on this AM. But DH liked it over his sugary milk-rice the night before). Then, this overwhelming asian version of Costco, called Marukai. omg, wow! it was a neato place full of labels i couldnt read, but delightful ceramic dishes, cool gadgets for the kitchen, and some of the softest cotton undershirts and capri shorts for under skirts. Must go back when rich, oh yes.

Ruth went back the following day, but I was ready for some down time, house cleaning, errand running, crocheting and pogo playing, so I opted out. Apparently, there was this massive table there where all fiber was 4 bucks (Dang It!). Sweet darling Ruth got me this… for 4 bucks. Nearly 2 pounds of fingering yarn, rayon and cotton. For 4 bucks. I kid you not! YAAAARRRRNN!!!

Yea, I exist

Finally got a new battery for my camera… so the pics will start coming in again.

been quite busy with work, lately. working on several projects, a few articles here and there, and a conference presentation. i’m really excited about the conference presentation (no kidding!) although it is a lot of work, but because this is one place where i’m an innovator. see, we have this content management system called Sakai here at work, and not only have i created lots of library handouts n stuff in there, but i’ve been teaching it and using it as a networking tool with my faculty and staff. it’s been fun… but keeping me out of trouble, and out of fun.

i’ve also been lucky enough to get involved with the teaching and learning writing initiative here, and boy, that has been, and will continue to be, a real eye opener! it’s all about creating writing in courses as a learning tool, and i am getting a lot of ideas on how to incorporate writing into my own library sessions, but more than anything this set of workshops will impact my own ability to write. i’m looking forward to implementing some of the things i’ve learned in my next set of writing. we’re basing our sessions around Engaging Ideas by John Bean, which is a great read and full of some neat ideas. this whole writing workshop is inspiring me to write more, in general, so i gather this will mean i’ll be extrapolating here more often, peppering my little bloggy woggy with text in addition to pics of crochet stuffs.

heading off home here in a few days… cant wait! I miss civilized food and i’m eager for breakfast burritos at Millies and the Frontier (my once fav hangout), some Cracker Barrel (a luxury we do without out here. someone please explain that to me, cuz i dont get it), and hanging with the fam. My sis is coming down, of course Dad n Stepmom will be around, and so will my Gramma! it’s actually all in honor of her – she’s turning 90 next week, and we’re all surprising her with a visit! I assume it’s safe to write about that here, as I’m sure Gramma doesnt ever look at my blog. : )

Today is Yarn Lunch… Ruth and I will hang out in the dining hall and encourage our students to come craft with us. It’s chilly today… good day for a snuggly jacket and some yarn to crochet on. Working on a doily right now; size 3 thread and a size 1 steel hook. fun combo.

k, nuff for now. should go put $$$ on my card so I can eat, which I very much want to do right now.

oh, and since this is Random Ramblings of a Crocheting Librarian… here’s some bookmarks I’ve made for an upcoming craft fair. Just to keep it on topic. : )