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Would You?

So I got a text message from Dale on Friday night, around 6, asking if I wanted to go for a drive that night.  That in itself is not unusual; since deer season opened on August 31st we’ve been haunting all of southeastern Idaho looking for edible wildlife.  So, I said sure.  However… he tells me it’s not for a hunting trip, but for three stranded kids, and do I want to help out and get them home?  To Montana?  Of course I said yes.  Should my beloved Lila ever be in such a situation, I would pray that someone else would do the same to help her out.

Dale shows up in a little bit later with three young people.  Apparently, these three younguns were en route to Montana from Salt Lake City for a wedding when their car broke down right outside of Inkom, about 5 miles south of Pocatello.  A state trooper stopped, took the part off their car, and drove them to the Carquest where Dale works.  Carquest didnt have the part, and the kids were totally stranded, and VERY upset.  They really wanted to go home.  They wanted to see their families.  They were scared.  They didnt know what to do.  So what does Dale do?  He took them to Uhaul.  He helped them rent a trailer.  He picked me up, and we went to Inkom and got their car.  We then drove three hours to Montana, meeting their very happy and very appreciative father and uncle in Dillon, Montana at midnight.  The kids were so thankful, as were the parents.  We have friends now, in Montana.

So what would you do?  What would you do if you encountered three very upset young people miles and hours from family and safety?  How would you help?  Would you be able to take six, meager hours out of your life to make a difference?  I hope that answer is yes, as that’s the answer that will improve this world.

Lace Day

Had a fabulous adventure this weekend with my good friend Ruth. We went to Lace Day in Torrance, and boy, was it something! I’m so glad she convinced me to go! At first I was dismayed that there wasnt much crochet stuff there at all, but that quickly dissolved into astonishment… I, for the first time in my short life, saw real life bobbin lace making! I spent nearly a half hour talking to one lady of the Freeway Lace Guild, and she patiently explained to me as much as she could, from bobbins, to the pinning, to the patterns, to twisting and turning and braiding, and even let me move some bobbins around. It was amazing, and I am really grateful for the opportunity to see such fine handiwork. I am intrigued at how intricate and complicated it all seems… Unfortunately my brain was Out To Lunch, and I forgot my camera, but here’s a picture from http://lace.lacefairy.com/BeginGuide.html to show you something similar to what the lady from the Freeway Lace Guild was making (and Goddess Bless, allowing me to mess with!!!).

The super amazing thing? There were a few young, like 8, year old girls making bobbin lace motifs – dolphins and fairies. Wow.

So after I was done being speechless over the really incredible lace, I wandered over to the tatting tables. I’ve always wondered at that craft, not knowing much about it beyond the need for a shuttle and other things, but I quickly fell in love with this glorious and delicate tatted bookmark in greens and varigated threads to make flowers. That, and that really awesome Celtic Knot book… so, I decided this Dog aint old enough for New Tricks just yet, and bought 2 shuttles and a How To book. Ruth sat with me for a bit after we were done spending money and wandering around rather awe struck, and she showed me how to knot and make loops and picots. It was fairly simple, although we’ll see how I feel about that when I sit down to try to make something Celtic. *lol*

Other finds? A really awesome yoke book with reproduced patters from the teens n twenties. Eventually i’d like to make some for nighties and gowns. Oh, and a, get this, size 16 hook. Yes, folks, that’s a size 16 STEEL crochet hook. My, my, so small. Oh, and finally, a hairpin lace loom!!!!

When we were done, we went off to a coolio spice store where I got mulling spices for sachets and some spendy cinnamon for my coffee (but not strong enough for coffee, methinks, based on this AM. But DH liked it over his sugary milk-rice the night before). Then, this overwhelming asian version of Costco, called Marukai. omg, wow! it was a neato place full of labels i couldnt read, but delightful ceramic dishes, cool gadgets for the kitchen, and some of the softest cotton undershirts and capri shorts for under skirts. Must go back when rich, oh yes.

Ruth went back the following day, but I was ready for some down time, house cleaning, errand running, crocheting and pogo playing, so I opted out. Apparently, there was this massive table there where all fiber was 4 bucks (Dang It!). Sweet darling Ruth got me this… for 4 bucks. Nearly 2 pounds of fingering yarn, rayon and cotton. For 4 bucks. I kid you not! YAAAARRRRNN!!!

The Enchanted Unicorn

DH and I went out to do our taxes at the same place his company does their payroll and whatnot, and of course I took some 6″ squares to work on for the CL Granny Square Exchange. While I was there, our tax lady (who was awesome, by the way!) suggested I go by this place called The Enchanted Unicorn, which was nearby. For some unknown reason, DH said he’d subject himself to yarn shopping (maybe he hit his head that morning? Had a fever? Either way I was tempted to ask him, “Who are you, and what have you done with Daniel?” However I shut my yap as I can recognize an opportunity when I see one!) Anyways, back to our story about The Enchanted Unicorn.

It was a neat store full of exquisite fibers from cottons to wools to silk with everything in between. I saw for the first time in my life a Chibi needle, which everyone raves about on CL, I saw a swift and winder, which was cool (I still wind hanks as Gramma taught me – over 2 chairs and by hand), I saw a gianormous needle for broomstick lace and learned a little more about hairpin lace, which I am on fire to learn. I handled tons of lovely yarn, so soft, with bright colors, and I browsed their magazines and pattern books.

However….. and this is a BIG however, one lady kept following me around the store bugging me to learn to knit. I explained to her that I was an accomplished crocheter of 29 years and very dedicated to my handiwork, and that I’d even learned to knit but didnt like it at all. I explained that I have a healthy respect for knitters but that I was thoroughly dedicated to my art of crochet. The result? She continued to follow me around the store, telling me that I should reconsider and take knitting classes and that she would teach me properly. No matter how many times I said, ‘No’ to this woman, she would not let up. I was thoroughly miffed! I felt like my talent as a crocheter was not encouraged nor welcomed at the Enchanted Unicorn.

Boo!!! Hiss!!! Although that store was jam packed with stuff I truly want to acquire, I’ll not go back. Not till I get an apology (yes, I emailed them from their website) and a promise that I could shop there, without harassment, as a crocheter.

: (

The Universe Does Not Want Me To Work Out

sigh… like most Americans, I am not active enough. my 2 primary hobbies, the Internet and crochet, do not lead to much strenuous activity, to say the least, so I go to the gym here at HMC before work in the mornings. today was our first Monday back, and, uh, yeah.

so i get there a little late but still with enough time for a good workout, and as I stand there in the shower, soaped up, I realize i’ve forgotten my towel. you’d think I’d’ve learned from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy to always have my towel with me, but today you get to call me Arthur Dent.

So thinking fast and on the fly, I decide I can use my gym shirt (which is pretty large to hide my extra poundage due to my mouse potato lifestyle) to dry off. thus, I resume my leisurely soaping and rinsing, having a gay ole time in the warm water.

However… when I’m done showering I shut off the water and think to myself, “Gee, the floor looks unusually shiny.” see, I do not see so well without my glasses on, and I neglect to realize till I’ve turned the water off that the little non skid rubber mat is conveniently covering the drain hole, and although it has little holes itself, without sufficent drainage a lovely little lake is created. where my stuff is. a lake. of water. wet water. yes, do let your imagination run wild at this point. ~sigh~ thankfully I’ve left my clothes on a bench, but everything else, bag, shoes, socks, and yes, my emergency ‘towel’ AKA gym shirt, is sopping wet. made for an interesting attempt at getting ready for work.

needless to say, it’s another manic Monday morning and I’m wishing it were a Sunday. at least today I dont have any appointments or classes to teach, like the day last week when I spilled gas all over my pants and had to teach 2 classes, meet with a math faculty member and volunteer at my kid’s school before being able to sneek home to change.

well, they do say life is an adventure, not a guided tour… *lol*

Bah, Humbug!

You know, I don’t celebrate Christmas. I’ve not cared much for it since I was about 8 and learned that trees die when you cut them down. And let’s not even go there about this split from something spritual and family oriented to a commercial free-for-all at Target and Best Buy. But anyways. Back to our story.

So I volunteer an hour each week in my daughter’s school library when her class is there. The librarian and I take turns reading books to the children, sometimes I tell stories, and we help the children find books to check out for the week. I arrive early yesterday, and the librarian eagerly tells me about this exquisite pop up book she wants to read, how she knows the author and that the book is beautiful, and then she drops the bombshell – it’s the 12 days of xmas, and she expects me to sing it. Uhhh…. right.

We begin by introducing the book to the children, and turn to the first page where I begin, “on the first day of xmas, my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree.” k, got that part. Then, “on the second day of xmas, my true love gave to me…. pause… (insert image of me leaning over the librarian frantically trying to read the text of the book because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE WORDS ARE TO THIS FRIGGIN’ SONG).” yeah, it went like that.

By the fourth day of xmas, the librarian figured out I did not know this particular xmas carol and would intentionally SHOW me the page so I knew what to sing. Sigh. By the fifth day, she’s begun to sing, too, and has encouarged the children to join us, even selecting one vocal young’un to solo ‘the partridge in a pear tree’ part (of course… it’s the one part i knew). All the children are merrily singing along, me stumbling along, trying to figure out what gift is next while simultaneously remembering the sequence as we count back down, and I look down on to the face of my lovely Lila. She is sitting there, slack jawed and more than a little confused with all this merrymaking and group sing-songing; clearly she doesnt know the words to this particular xmas carol, either. I simultaneously feel bad that I’ve maybe let her down a little bit yet happy that I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what the hell’s going on.

I read them a book about Hannukkah when we finished the carol travesty. For Jen. : )