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Spring-y Squares

Made these darling, warm, spring-y squares for the Feb round of CLGSX. I really liked this color combo!

The squares are the Chris Simon’s Little Dahlia Square and Lisa’s Kaleidoscope Square.

Picture 1.jpeg

sorry for the crappy shot – i forgot and then took it at the post office.

The Dafghan

Yaaay! The Dafghan! 120 six inch squares, 40% of which came from CL granny square exchange members. I edged each of the squares with a round of sc. I stitched them together with slip stitches through the back loops on the wrong side, which gave the front an interesting ridge effect. I finished it by edging it with 2 rounds of dc. D loves it. : )


Joan’s Squares

These turned out cool! Well, except that my camera made the red color a brilliant fuchia pink. I should take some time to learn how to take pictures. Of course that’s assuming this is user error, and not the cheap camera I chose…

Anyways, this is the Moon Square from Patty’s site. The link is a google search – click on the first link for Patty’s site and then find the Moon Square pattern. It was fun and easy to make, and of course I made a few for the Dafghan. : )


Anna’s October Squares

I got Anna U again on my Happy Hookers group for the granny square and sampler square exchange. Here’s my squares. : ) For the sampler I did the bridge stitch from the Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs. It’s alright… I found the stitch easy to do but frustrating because if flops around a lot and is kinda big. It would probably look better in thread, and I think I’ll monkey around with it and use doubles instead of trebles to see how it looks. The square is the French Square from The Crochet Stitch Bible. It was a fun square to make, and I made a few for the ‘Dafghan’ (Daniel’s ‘ghan), too. For Anna’s, I added 2 rows of dc in order to get it 7 inches to match the sampler square.


Janice’s Squares

Finished up my granny swap squares for CL last night. I did the same square that I did for Alisa last time, but this time I did it in contrasting colors. You can see the flowery trebles much better this way. I also did another square from Granny Squares Nanny Squares, called the Blue Star Square (although I did it in a yellow). I did end up modifying the pattern a bit, taking a total of 8 stitches out of round one in order to get it to fit into six inches.


Anna’s Swap Squares

these were fun to do! this is my first exchange on the Happy Hookers group. I got Anna for both the sampler square and the granny square exchanges, so lucky me i get to only go to the post office once. : )

for Anna’s granny, i did one of my favorites, called Thetys’s Sqauare (i wont link to it because the site is fraught with horrible pop ups. try a google search instead.) the sampler was equally cool, as it’s the first sampler i’ve ever done! i dug out one of my stitch books and chose something i’ve always wanted to do – the spider stitch. Fun! think i’ll make a shrug out of it. : ) anyways, i’m going to like the sampler square exchange!


Alisa’s Squares for August

finished my squares for the first exchange round on CLGSX. i got Alisa again, who is doing a safari theme afghan for her daughter. the green square is from a Year of Afghans leaflet. I modified it a bit and decided that the flowery treble stitch rounds get lost without a contrast color. the tan is called the butterfly square, and is from the Granny Squares Nanny Squares book. it took a few tries and froggings, but i finished one for Daniel’s ‘ghan and perfected it for Alisa. it’s an elaborate pattern and i think it is very pretty.


June’s Squares

I’m so behind with my posts… here’s my squares for June’s CL Granny Square exchange. : )

Below are from the first round of swaps, and the one with the interlocking rings has special significance. I married my beloved on May 13th, and I wanted to make something to commemorate the event. I’m currently making him a ‘ghan with my 6 inch squares for this swap, so it was natural for me to make a square. The red ring signifies Daniel, and the blue one signifies me. I made 2 – one for Daniel’s afghan and one for my first exchange partner after we married.


These 2 below are from the second exchange round for June, both of which are linked from Martha’s site here. They’re the Pluto square and Haze square respectively. I hate the Pluto square, btw. The pattern just didn’t make any sense, but I think I did a pretty good job of muddling right along.


Is it me, or does everyone get vertigo when viewing overhead pics of my squares??? *lol*