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Granny Squares for June

Granny Squares for June, originally uploaded by jezmynne.

Made these for June’s Granny Square exchange on Crochet List.


September’s Squares

September’s Squares, originally uploaded by jezmynne.

For Crochet List’s granny square exchange. I love this soft yarn… the pattern is Seville from 200 Crochet Blocks

The Dafghan

Yaaay! The Dafghan! 120 six inch squares, 40% of which came from CL granny square exchange members. I edged each of the squares with a round of sc. I stitched them together with slip stitches through the back loops on the wrong side, which gave the front an interesting ridge effect. I finished it by edging it with 2 rounds of dc. D loves it. : )


Joan’s Squares

These turned out cool! Well, except that my camera made the red color a brilliant fuchia pink. I should take some time to learn how to take pictures. Of course that’s assuming this is user error, and not the cheap camera I chose…

Anyways, this is the Moon Square from Patty’s site. The link is a google search – click on the first link for Patty’s site and then find the Moon Square pattern. It was fun and easy to make, and of course I made a few for the Dafghan. : )