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Fan Scarf


I had this *gorgeous* brilliant blue yarn that wasn’t quite enough to do something with but needed to be made into something!  So, I cobbled together different patterns for climbing fans to make this scarf.  To make a cowl, I either use a fancy pin in the front or a pin in the back.

I also made another for an exchange with a different yarn.



Purple Ruana

i made this back in October, actually, but I’m a slacker at posting stuff. 

It’s very easy – 

chain the length you want over your shoulder. 

Dc across chain, turn, repeat until you get the width you want from your neck down your arm. 

Dc to the halfway point (fold the panel in half to mark the halfway point). 

Ch the remaining length (count stitches for the best results), turn. 

Repeat dc across until you have the same rows as your first side. 

Optional – add a fancy edge or simple sc. 

Piquant Shawlette

Last November I saw this gorgeous shawlette my dear friend Cindi made.  It was amazing… light, lacy, elegant… a perfect accent piece.  She shared the pattern with me, and I made one for my friend Elaine for our secret pal swap on CrochetList.  The yarn I chose was a heavier weight than the yarn Cindi used, so the shawlette was a bit larger.  Nonetheless, I think it is a lovely scarf/cowl/shawl thing.

IMG_4141Full View


IMG_4145Back View

IMG_4152Front View

I am pleased with how it turned out and I plan to make one for me.  : )

Christening Gown

I made a christening gown for one of my employees.  I finished it last night, and boy, what a project!  I think it turned out very nice, though.  The doll I use to model the gown was my Mom’s doll from her childhood.  It’s about the size of a standard newborn, making it perfect for measuring baby clothing.

Full View

photo (4)

Front View

photo (3)

Side Front View


Back View

photo (2)

Full View

photo (1)

See the pictures on Flickr here: