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Heart Square

I found a potholder pattern that I modified into a 12″ square.  It’s from this pattern, here – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/grandmas-heart-square

Made for the 12″ square exchange on Crochet List


Scrap ‘Ghan

Daily Pic September 18th, 2011, originally uploaded by jezmynne.

Via Flickr:
With fall nipping at our heels, I feel compelled to make sure we’ve got warm things for winter. I finished this scrap ‘ghan today. It’s a double strand afghan done in a shell pattern. I used whatever brushed acrylic I had left over from projects over the years. It’s neat, because I can look at this ‘ghan and see the yarn I used to make Lila a hat, or the yarn I used to make Gramma that shawl, or Tina that hat and scarf set….

Tassel Hat


I made this for my neighbor’s granddaughter, and it turned out so cute! I did the same thing I do for my purse bodies; I chained the width I wanted, then did hdc along one side in one loop, turn, and hdc across the other side in the other loop of the foundation chain. I then built up spiral style till I was satisfied. I added the tassels at the corner and called it good. SO CUTE.

Purse for Denise


I made this purse for my secret pal from Crochet List. I used a boa yarn I picked up at a dollar store with a strand of worsted weight yarn. I used my standard purse body pattern and just added handles I bought at Joanns. My standard purse patter is:

Ch desired width of purse
hdc along one loop of chain
2 hdc in end loop
hdc along opposite loop of chain
2 hdc in end loop
build up spiral style (do not join, just hdc in previous round) until you’ve reached the desired depth. To finish, decrease with 3-4 sc then slip stitch at a side.

I typically crochet the handles right on in the last round, but you can sew them on, too.

I love the copper color! This purse turned out great!