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Purse and Coasters for Mary

I had Mary for the last round of CLDX and CLHBX, so I got to save on shipping. :-p

For Mary’s purse, I used this really neato yarn I got from someone on freecycle. I haven’t a clue what the yarn is, but I did double it with some size 5 cotton thread to give it weight. I also lined it as things would clearly fall through the holes in the stitches.


For her coasters, I used a size 10 cotton thread an a coaster pattern I got from a library book. They were very easy to make. : )



Made this purse a few weeks ago… just now getting around to taking a pic of it. I originally made it for this year’s summer drawing for my handbag swap, but before I was halfway done I knew I was gonna want it for my own. So… it’s mine, mine I say! *lol*


I used some lovely tan Chenille Thick n Quick that Carole sent to me for Secret Crochet Pals, and my new Vermont Woodworks Rosewood G hook. I chained the width I wanted the purse, hdc across one loop of the chain, hdc across the second loop, and then built spiral style till I got the length desired. Then a flap, then the strap, then a fancy pants button.

Pretty sweet, eh?

Christin’s Purse

Finally got around to finishing Christin’s purse for the CL Handbag Swap. *lol* The purse has been done for a few weeks now, but I wanted to experiment with a lining, and getting off my butt and doing that is what has put me behind. I’m the coordinator for the swap, and the last to actually send. Ugh, I’m embarrassed of myself.

Anyways, it’s done, and going into the mail today (although I’ll post this after she recieves, as to not spoil her surprise, should she look at my blog beforehand!).

I’m pleased with it, for the most part. The purse body is my standard pattern; chain the width, hdc in front loops around the chain, turn, and hdc in the back loops, then build spiral style till the desired size is reached. I then sort of made up the flap. I originally wanted to do a pineapple style flap, but was stumped at finding a good pattern for a flat edge (found plenty in the round) and got frustrated trying to graph out my own pattern, so I just kinda winged it.

The lining turned out okay, but I think i’ll make the next one a bit larger next time. I found this one a wee bit tight. I used snaps inside to close the purse; I’ll ask Christin to keep me posted on how the silly thing wears.