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Happy Birthday, Mom

Made this out of recycled silk sari yarn for my Mom. Sari yarn is a pita to work with, but sure is lovely. And durable.

Mom likes it. : )


Mary’s Pouches

I love pouches. What’s not to love? Cute, snuggly soft, color options galore, and totally down for compartmentalizing your stuff. Lucky for me, my partner for the last round of Secret Crochet Pals likes pouches, too, so she got a bunch.


Sweet Purse for Lila

Originally made this little thing for the craft fair – I thought it would be a lovely little thing, perfect for holding the necessaries inside a larger bag, and ready for a quick trip to the store or whatever. But… apparently no one else shared my view of it. : ) So, I gave it to my sweet Lila. A sweet purse for a sweet girl. : )


Black Purse

My beloved friends n family n coworkers, mostly, rag on me endlessly about my “Muppet Purses” (which are my assortment of purses made from worsted weight yarn and a strand of complimentary fun fur). This one escaped Muppetdom as I found a neato pin for it, complete with a little clock. Turned out pretty sweet, I think. : )


One of these days I’m going to find big, googly eyes and a fuzzy nose to attach to a particularly brightly colored one…

Purse and Coasters for Mary

I had Mary for the last round of CLDX and CLHBX, so I got to save on shipping. :-p

For Mary’s purse, I used this really neato yarn I got from someone on freecycle. I haven’t a clue what the yarn is, but I did double it with some size 5 cotton thread to give it weight. I also lined it as things would clearly fall through the holes in the stitches.


For her coasters, I used a size 10 cotton thread an a coaster pattern I got from a library book. They were very easy to make. : )