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Incredible Hooks!!!

while chatting with three of my great online friends from Secret Crochet Pals, Carole shared a link to Vermont Woodwork. Their hooks are *lovely* and I could not help but buy 2 of them. I got a size G in african rosewood and a size H in a pressed indigo. Arent they stunning!

These hooks are amazing! They glide seamlessly through yarn and are a delight to hold. As you can see, they’re plenty beautiful, but practical, sturdy, and well made, too. Of course I had to begin 2 new projects just for these hooks; a fun fur/thread handbag with the H and a chenille handbag with the G.

I am totally impressed with the excellent customer service offered by Vermont Woodwork; they immediately responded to my emails, answered all my questions, and kept me posted on the progress of my order. The hooks were custom made for me to the size I chose (my favs, G and H), and the creator offered to design the handles if I had any preferences. Overall, my shopping experience was par none, the service was outstanding, and the shipping was honest and very fast. I highly recommend this seller and these hooks!!!!!