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A Day in the Life #8

Oh…. lemme tellya.  This was one of the worse-er days I’ve had in a wee bit.

On the bright side, my trash was finally taken out.  Because I made a huge pile of it in the middle of the hallway in the library.

Now, back to our day.  So today I met with Math about the move in the library. The meeting was exhausting, with me as the target.  It went on for about 2 hours, and I felt rather pummeled within about 5 minutes into the discussion.  Math is angry about the lack of communication.  Lesson learned for me – dont trust other people when they say they’ll communicate things.  But when is the right time to trust someone that they’ll follow through with what they say they’ll do?

Math is angry that we live in this weird limbo.  See, we rent the building we use to house my library, and there’s always this tug of war game between the college that owns the building and the library regarding who is responsible for what goes on there.  Math is angry that no one entity, be it the library, the college, the council of presidents, or whoever, is stepping up to make a decision one way or the other about what is going on.  Math, like me, also feels out of the communication loop, and I tried to explain that in many ways I’ve been blocked from the Adminisphere, and in some cases, told out right “that I do not belong at that meeting.”  The last 4 years has been so frustrating for me because I have no power over the building in which my collections and services live, and no support for any decisions I make.  I’ve been a pawn.  And I was totally sandbagged at that meeting.  I am frustrated with the lack of leadership I have.  I’m frustrated with the level of responsibility yet lack of authority to do my job.

What’s the resolution?  I’m not sure.  Hopefully my Math peeps will resurrect the former math library committee that was dissolved before I was hired 6 years ago.  Hopefully I’ll get more face time at their department meetings.  Maybe I’ll even get some clout with their administration (and maybe even my own) that I know what I’m doing, and that I can put together a good library.

As it is right now, I’m disgusted with my job.

So, when that disaster was done, and I still havent talked to my Director about it, and how I may or may not have screwed things up and made things worse, I had a cup of coffee and tried to do something fun.

Yesterday, I obligated the library to create brief intro videos about Sakai for the colleges.  I’m happy to do this, as my Sakai cohort has Camtasia on her computer, and I’m down for finding something that will work on my Mac.  Thanks to the Twitterverse, I tried Jing, and immediately wanted to scream.  I cant get it to do anything longer than a minute, max, as it crashes rather unexpectedly.  If the damn thing would work, I think it would be pretty cool.

So, today was a total bucket of FAIL.  I think I’ll go play some solitare.